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MicroSIP troubleshooting


"Service unavailable", "bad gateway" or similar error.

Make sure you have entered correct "SIP server", "SIP proxy" (if needed), "Transport". Try other trasnport UDP/TCP/TLS.

"Internal server error" or similar error. "SIP proxy" is not empty.

Try to add ";hide" suffix to SIP proxy, example "sipproxy.host.com;hide". This can help when SIP service configured not the best way.

"Incorrect password" or similar error.

Check your "Domain", "Username", "Login" (if your "Login" equal "Username", you can leave it empty), "Password".

Failed registration when you under NAT.

Some SIP providers requires STUN server when your IP address is not public. STUN is not domain depended, try for example stun.counterpath.net


Windows 10 update 1803:
- undefined external error
Solution: fix microphone permission (Windows Settings => Privacy => Microphone)
First of all try to disable all extra functionality and reach minimal length of call request (remark 1). For this:
  • disable all audio codecs, enable only 1-2 codecs
  • disable media encryption
  • disable STUN
  • disable ICE

Cannot make outgoing call.

Check "SIP proxy" (if needed), "Domain", "Username", "Login" and "Password". Try with/without STUN server. Try with/without "Allow IP rewrite".

"Unable to find default audio device" error.

Speakers and microphone both are required. To make calls you must have input and output sound device in your system. Same for RDP connections.

One directional sound or no sound.

Try without/with STUN server. Try without/with "Allow IP rewrite". Try without/with "ICE".

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