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Wish list

# Id Name Wish Rating
1 86 Pieter Streamline the interface - get rid of separators & empty space, use buttons instead! (Call Dialpad Contacts) 12221 plus
2 124 Vince Option to load LDAP contacts 8589 plus
3 449 George Server Certificate Validation when using TLS 4840 plus
4 37 tester Hotkeys, for example: "M" to mute microphone, "S" to mute speaker, "Up Arrow" to increase the volume... etc. 4555 plus
5 66 Sega MS Outlook Address Book integration to the Contacts. 3645 plus
6 245 Torsten Command switch to explicitly start video call to a given number. (e.g. "microsip.exe number /video") 3479 plus
7 36 tester a few functions like: redial, conference, do not disturb, call waiting, forwarding... etc. 3448 plus
8 141 Knut Multiple sip accounts (at least 2) and the possibility to specify for each contact which sip account should be used 3376 plus
9 60 Anon Add IPv6 support 3324 plus
10 76 Max Video resolution setting. 3114 plus
11 288 Roman Multiple SIP accounts active in parallel 2979 plus
12 39 Netouch Simple API, or remote control API to integrate in existing infrastructure. Maybe listening TCP port, and receive commands, like call xxxxxxxxxxxxx, endcall, e.t.c. 2952 plus
13 38 Jörg Add webRTC echo canceller like csipsimple did: http://code.google.com/p/csipsimple/source/detail?r=995 2832 plus
14 162 Nikola Possibility to switch among NICs if several physical ethernet interfaces are presented in the system 2640 plus
15 291 el_es 2. Linux version for GTK or Qt desktop ... 2593 plus
16 77 Max Fullscreen mode for video window (with upscalling). 2420 plus
17 33 tester buttons to activate/deactivate Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction and A.G.C. 2395 plus
18 12 User Dial and caller ID quick log viewer 2338 plus
19 150 Chris F Date format in 'Calls' tab is back-to-front. Should be picked up from Windows regional settings, or if that not possible should be configurable. 2335 plus
20 45 tester support for traffic prioritization, allow QoS signaling, by TOS value, DSCP, service type... 2169 plus
21 48 retset option to pause sending video stream and even completely stops it without call ends (start/stop/pause video during a call) 2151 plus
22 94 RE: grommir record calls as SPX which can be played with VLC which is used by everyone. We use SPEEX to optimize VoIP calls so why not for recording as well?! see the difference in size with same speech quality hackerpublicradio.org/syndication.php 2148 plus
23 43 tester Desktop Sharing 2124 plus
24 53 Beat We. Option to define a default outside line prefix (e.g. 0) to get an outside line, which is added automatically to all entered numbers > len(x) where x in our case would be 5 digits 2058 plus
25 59 Anon Add NAT-PMP or UPnP support as STUN sometimes doesn't work well. 2034 plus
26 74 Earl Would like to see a sister program: MicroXMPP for Jabber protocol. Should include ZRTP with SASL confirmation similar to JITSI. 2017 plus
27 119 Pieter 'Blacklisting' numbers for inbound calls - straight to voicemail 2015 plus
28 50 retset allow asimetrical bandwidth & video communication e.g. sending h264 and receiving h263, add option to completely disable sending a specific video compression (only at sending, not on receiving) 2000 plus
29 126 StanleyV Adding command line for the name and location of the configuration file "microsip.ini". Example 1: MicroSIP.exe /i:microsip402.ini. Example 2: MicroSIP.exe /i:folder402\microsip.ini. MicroSIP I use for testing multiple SIP accounts and is fantastic! 1991 plus
30 47 retset option to hot-swap video source without cut the call 1986 plus
31 224 Vasily A way to transfer calls. Blind transfer is very old fashioned and not very useful these days. More friendly interface. 1979 plus
32 42 tester sending and receiving files of unlimited size 1971 plus
33 55 Beat We. Contacts: Option to define Groups 1959 plus
34 29 Supporter Merging Dialpad/ Contacts buttons into one. The label shown would be for the inactive selection. 1956 plus
35 46 Machi Play sound when instant message receive and if message window not on top. Show message window on task bar. I never know if anybody send me a message if i have open another program. tnx 1941 plus
36 105 Brett Allow null audio device to be set for pjsip (-99). Useful if PC does not have a microphone plugged in and you just need audio output for PA applications. 1936 plus
37 65 Keyvan Tardast great little devil ^_^ please keep GUI simple. and few steps away from perfect *** 1- auto hangup (and perhaps auto close the call window)(and you can move this window in 3rd tab of main window) *** 2- PC speakers ring (good for ppl away from PC)*** 3- 1929 plus
38 95 Sam If you have 2 or more calls, switch to conference with all callers. 1918 plus
39 84 cAroed group calls 1900 plus
40 101 carlos "Push to Talk" aka "Press To Transmit", very useful on multi-party conferences (microphone permanently muted is only enabled while pressing a key: usually "Ctrl") the only method 100% effective to avoid echoes and other unwanted noises 1894 plus
41 20 Mark area to change status message 1885 plus
42 123 Vince Any kind of message when you've missed a call (i.e. a flashing icon or something). 1863 plus
43 102 Dominic Great project, thanks so much! But would love distinctive ringing please! So you can have different ringtones for different contacts. 1854 plus
44 99 Roman Add option for developers: print pure sip incoming/outgoing sip messages to message window during call. 1844 plus
45 90 whisher Please add hotkey from all MicroSIP windows (messages, local video, remote video....etc. ) by pressing "ESC" at keyboard: calls must end 1834 plus
46 49 retset option to view local or remote video during a call (or picture in picture with local video of small size on a corner) 1833 plus
47 64 asioboy asio4microsip please read ! http://pastebin.com/mSi5R5wA 1825 plus
48 180 Ryan Be able to auto answer only specific extensions, so that intercom functionality is available without auto-answering outside calls 1807 plus
49 96 lol please make it possible to passthrough call data to a commodore c64 so finally i can log my calls. :) 1801 plus
50 73 Stu E Add an automatic reconnect option for calls that drop for some reason. 1799 plus
51 106 amix Use Windows contacts. Should solve importing from Google, etc., too, since it can act as a bridge. 1794 plus
52 61 Paul O Default audio hardware selection mode to choose Windows Default Communication Devices over Default playback/recording devices. http://tinyurl.com/7lcucuq 1792 plus
53 57 Julian Unregister from SIP server/Away/Redirect to voicemail when Windows screen saver is on or lock screen has been activated. 1786 plus
54 79 Alain Support of picking up another ringing extension. e.g.: by sending *8# 1753 plus
55 111 Axel Send DTMF with command line parameter. We need this to control Sipgate Team a web-based voip solution. 1748 plus
56 97 choices please add option to set framerate for sending video, 10fps,15fps or 18fps is enough, and it saves bandwidth, very useful for slow internet lines like mine, setting video frame size is also desirable 1744 plus
57 80 Sushil Support of Require:100rel in 180 message (fully provisional acknowledgment support) 1742 plus
58 58 zsll2 Option to disable focus stealing of action (IM) window when auto answer is on. 1738 plus
59 82 RE: tester RE: sending and receiving files of unlimited size (generate a .torrent and use the generated file with a regular bit-torrent client, using a tracker or the DHT method) 1697 plus
60 127 Mochammad Effendi I need group contact, like Family, Fren, Work etc. Thanks ME 1693 plus
61 138 MIT Hide Phone Number When Making a Call 1687 plus
62 92 whisher please, add minimize button on messages window, please remove close button from it, when I want to get away from the midst that annoying window for me, communication is cut off 1676 plus
63 129 Khoa Pham Support ICE and TURN 1676 plus
64 125 Khoa Pham Conference call 1671 plus
65 139 Jose Ability to select contacts from a dropdown menu or similar from call transfer dialog. 1665 plus
66 195 Steven Option to allow DTMF tones to last for a certain length of time, useful for navigating options/menus when call quality is low. Optionally tie tone length to press and release of keys/mouse. 1659 plus
67 112 Jared Savage Alternative ringer if already in a call (silent?) 1658 plus
68 167 Marce Cz Enable "Skins" option for MicroSIP to change the layout. 1640 plus
69 172 frank do not disturb DND feature support 1640 plus
70 201 Bars Automatic detection and switching audio when connecting a Bluetooth headset, the other headset, and the same - to the first in the list of audio devices when you disconnect. List of priority of audio devices to use depending on their avaliability. 1633 plus
71 117 Giuseppe Flag to remove ringtone 1628 plus
72 193 Xsmael Run an executable on incomming call, and pass arguments to it(id,name,phone number...). You can also improve it by adding "events" managment, i mean, describe some events and let the user chose a program to launch whenever this event occurs, again some pa 1616 plus
73 122 Shaun Snap windows for resize and positioning (to themselves and edge of screen). 1614 plus
74 169 Christian Add some version information (possible locations: bottom of the settings page or maybe add a separate about dialog) 1610 plus
75 161 vxed Option for disable history of calls 1606 plus
76 205 Joop Add a column "Contact" to the calls list. This shows the name from the contacts list if it is found. 1605 plus
77 202 Toha Save contact from the number in call list 1601 plus
78 196 Pedja Is it possible to have some kind of password when MicroSIP is set to autoanswer mode? I would like to be able to limit calls to autoanswer MicroSIP ony to few known people. 1590 plus
79 103 Druify Improved screenreader accessibility: Edit boxes assigned to correct labels in Account dialog; Apart from suggested hotkeys, possibility to reach any object with tab/shift tab for dialog elements and ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab for switching tab controls. 1586 plus
80 131 tim Add audio codec G723.1 1583 plus
81 136 Lucasinc Command switches to pick-up incoming call 1581 plus
82 144 anon Close to tray. I have reverted back to 3.3.14 because it's too easy to exit the phone now. Minimize button is nice but why change the close button behavior? 1580 plus
83 149 Pero under account settings, additional parameter for setting re-register time in seconds (default=300s). 1573 plus
84 130 tim Add G723.1 1559 plus
85 133 Michal P Make Windows 8 Modern UI version (and make simple like current version), dont make it for free, be the first in the store and be rich my dear developer! (your first customer) 1559 plus
86 184 frank support BLF (MIME type dialog-info accordingly to RFC 4235),A patch had made by Максим Кондратенко to pjsip. 1551 plus
87 186 Robo Notify missed calls, change tray icon when have missed call, flash icon or display number of missed calls (like PopTray). 1549 plus
88 135 rus7 Please, make option "auto answer" as follows: auto answer after N calls. 1529 plus
89 271 Guy implement RCC (Remote Call control) features for use with eg bluetooth connected Jabra headsets 1527 plus
90 174 Pierre Put Option to show or not Incomming call Window. With cmdIncommingCall give caller Name plz 1521 plus
91 156 Mit I Would like to have Media Encryption with RC4 or other Types. 1519 plus
92 217 darkgerion Archiving messages (file) 1518 plus
93 185 Riaan Olivier Possibility to register against a specific VLAN ID and QoS number. require softphone to be given its own IP address 1512 plus
94 175 booBot ZRTP (RFC 6189) support for call encryption. 1509 plus
95 171 Mario Can be useful to have an AnswerMachine that auto answer and play a wave file at the phone caller, for example a welcome message with informations and after the message caller can record a message. Thank you for this stable and well done software! 1508 plus
96 208 Bob Can you include Opus codec for high quality stereo transmission? 1505 plus
97 254 Ray Set RTP port please. 1483 plus
98 216 mv Playback of remote DTMF tones during call. (These are often used as confirmation to IVR actions and so on) 1476 plus
99 229 jason complete contact URI in 200ok,It is now sip:ip:port, should be sip:user:ip:port. 1476 plus
100 220 zth support for snapshot of remote in a call,and save it as .jpg 1474 plus
101 147 Youri Please, add G726 codec. It is in PJSIP lib/plugins section. If you need in reference implementation here is the source codes: http://www.codeforge.com/dlpre/8930/45d6badd00df.rar__.html 1471 plus
102 152 salaros Add the possibility to prepend prefix to ANY number before actually calling it. In my case it's '0'. i.e. 800900800 => 0800900800 P.S. with the exception of "internal" numbers (other PBX users on the network), maybe via an exception list. 1469 plus
103 223 Cat Recognize the header 'Reason: SIP ;cause=200 ;text="Call completed elsewhere"'. When a call to MicroSip is canceled because the call is answered by an other client we still get a "call aborted" status in MicroSips call list. Asterisk and others send it. 1469 plus
104 158 Bobby Highwe bitrate codecs like FLAC or OGG for high quality audio between two softphones. Reason: Radio station remotes. 1461 plus
105 191 DSJ Please create Metro app in Windows 8 (arm surface). See the design of csipsimple tablet version. 1454 plus
106 262 Adrian Can't see any option after installation to make microsip start automatically when windows starts. 1449 plus
107 211 Werner Ability to past numbers with dashes and parentheses. I tried to paste a number like 06-12345678, but nothing happened. Until I removed the dash and tried to copy-paste again. Please add a filter to remove all non numeric characters (except +) when pasting 1434 plus
108 203 Stefano Bluetooth management. Actually if connected a BT headset, the audio channel rimains active or you have to manage it manually. It could be useful to activate it only when needed (as Bluesoleil BT stack does). 1426 plus
109 206 Yuz Miss Call notification in system tray. 1421 plus
110 295 Bago Lookup incoming phone number on tellows and/or phone number to name lookup services (or maybe the excerpt of the first result of a google search for that number). 1420 plus
111 232 Evgeny Please add RTCP-XR support 1418 plus
112 221 tommy support for snapshot to jpg 1407 plus
113 253 Gloria At least for me is almost perfect. You could add a call recorder and maybe an option for put a custom on-hold music xd. tx 1406 plus
114 214 Guillaume There should be a very visible "you have voicemail" indicator. 1383 plus
115 233 Refrain VP8 or VP9 video codec. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VP9 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VP8 1378 plus
116 200 Andrei record calls NOT as mp3, but AS IS, encoded with used codec (gsm, Speex etc.) 1372 plus
117 183 frank dynamic switch from different input devices when in video call session. e.g from color bar to usb camera or vice versa . 1369 plus
118 282 Alex Allow option to prevent the main window from popping up when calls are received. The window should remain unseen the entire session. 1369 plus
119 170 Christian Update call log from address book: If you add a number from the call log to the address book, replace all entries of that number by the address book entry (number -> name) 1368 plus
120 312 Simon The incoming call pop-up window to be 'always on top' like the main application window can be. At current it gets lost behind my active window. :( 1362 plus
121 287 Ken Better handling of “speaker” and “microphone” devices to automatically use Bluetooth headset when connected and speakers when not connected. 1360 plus
122 173 frank MWI voice mail feature support.and maybe video mail in the feature. 1348 plus
123 240 Bill How to Disable Contacts tab or the messaging functionality. 1343 plus
124 269 Francisco Option to import and export contacts. 1342 plus
125 268 Francisco Button to access camera settings. 1331 plus
126 227 cbm ZRTP please 1326 plus
127 215 Carlo optional "incoming call window in center of screen" 1325 plus
128 265 Hassan The ability to customize the packetization time (ptime), e.g. 10ms, 20ms, 30ms. 1310 plus
129 247 Andreas M. Use the Windows Contacts (or equivalent) API for addressbook. Autocomplete names or numbers from there. 1305 plus
130 237 Refrain Settings:start the program minimized to tray. 1301 plus
131 272 Johen Option to start multiple MicroSIP instances for testing some features across SIP-server. 1299 plus
132 340 Tim open a URL when there is an incoming call. Example www.example.com/contact.ph?number=31523234 1299 plus
133 274 roman from yandex.ru We use Microsip as contanct center agent softphone. ~ 3000 agent. 3rd party call coltrol has been done in microsip, but it is not standar metod. Need bria metod to automatic answer call from SIP server, it is standart de facto. 1298 plus
134 284 Yann Colours :) - GREEN = Answer & Call - RED = Decline (Eventually icons for the same buttons) 1296 plus
135 285 Alex Ability to register multiple accounts concurrently for use with platforms such as Vicidial which may be composed of multiple asterisk servers. 1292 plus
136 219 R Is it possible to specify the directory XML MicroSIP disable checkbox "Presence subscription" for each contact? 1291 plus
137 259 Travis Already been said, but recording calls into audio file. Any audio file that is not too large file size. Contact me on my email, I will be willing to offer you money for your time to implement this. 1289 plus
138 305 Yann Loud speaker button : a button that will output the sound to the "ringing device". This way you can put your converstaion on loud speaker (when waiting for a person to asnwer or doing a conf call with others in the room). Please ad it in the "Tab view of 1289 plus
139 239 Vlad CallerID copy in clipboard. 1284 plus
140 313 alvin martin notice in icon tray when a chat came in or a call you missed. Like maybe a color change from blue to green or red. 1283 plus
141 279 tester 2 essentials missing features to have is an automatic audio recording or a toggle button to start record in a call. Also I would like to have a little sound wave bar display on the Dialpad for the Microphone and Sound so I can see and know the audio is ac 1280 plus
142 273 Matt Welborn Allow clickable URLs in SIP Messaging. I'd like to be able to send links via SIP Messaging to the call window and have them clickable and open in the default browser. 1273 plus
143 330 Norbert Import contacts from vCard and csv, maybe directly from google. The only thing that prevents me from using microsip for now... 1271 plus
144 246 Bipin level indicators for mic and speaker 1267 plus
145 234 Marcio Incoming text message sound is the feature I mostly miss on MicroSIP. Intranet text messages are one of the main uses of MicroSIP here, and we miss very much a sound that signals when a new text message has come. 1260 plus
146 292 el_es 3. Have the wish entry window count characters remaining ;) 1252 plus
147 231 telephoner Full DTMF keypad including DTMF-tones A, B, C and D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual-tone_multi-frequency_signaling 1251 plus
148 270 Francisco Option to make conferences like eyebean with or without video. 1245 plus
149 294 Carlos Add option to "Register every X segonds" in account properties 1245 plus
150 278 marcin I wish that the program could be set the maximum number of incoming calls, eg 3,4,5 maximum at one time. The radio stations when broadcast live at one point calling 50 people, the program crashes. It's nice to be able to when this limit. Thank you very mu 1241 plus
151 252 Alex Changing Soundcards without disconnecting. 1238 plus
152 386 Benjamin adding silent installation parameters, multi windows account configuration etc... thanks 1235 plus
153 297 Suraj keyboard shortcut for microphone mute. mute button to go red when enabled. mini interface (always on top) with mute, speaker and hangup buttons. 1233 plus
154 244 Alex Please make it possible to visualize missed calls. (Windows 7) 1229 plus
155 277 loukas DND option 1226 plus
156 228 telephoner Place a note on the webpage that "With WineBottler 1.7.16 from http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ MicroSIP does actually also work on Intel based Macs." – Even if you don't grant any support and don't guarantee for anything. 1221 plus
157 255 Tommy M. 10 digit dialing. configurable default country code, etc. 1220 plus
158 308 Marius Group contacts by groups. PS. cantact email has to few characters. 1220 plus
159 248 Martin C Support for the Call-Info Header as per RFC3261 section 20.9 I would be nice so we can send a JPG url to the phone to display it before answering the call. 1218 plus
160 218 Knut Configure which RDP ports to use 1217 plus
161 264 Wesley Chapman Allow user to configure different code than ** for call pickup code and group pickup code. In our implementation the code is *8 + ext. 1206 plus
162 319 Alex Add Description/Tag field to accounts just for identification purposes. Very use full if keep switching accounts all the time. Thank you. Your effords are greatly appreciated. 1205 plus
163 256 kk Add option to change key translated to #, and work it in input field 1203 plus
164 302 FL More security: 1. Optionally, the account password could be entered at application startup time. 2. A password to lock the phone. 1202 plus
165 286 chrml import/export vCard format (vcf) https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6350 1192 plus
166 280 Sascha 1s pause DTMF tone. By ',' or 'p' delimiter for example. Would be awesome! 1188 plus
167 301 Artem COM object to use Microsip in other applications 1186 plus
168 267 zane call with a predial injection like S0 1178 plus
169 293 el_es 4. Option for the CallerID display to remain visible (with timeout or not) if other device of the same extension picked up the call; Button to copy the incoming CallerID to clipboard. 1174 plus
170 310 Mike Please make "close to tray" configurable. I hate the systray full of icons of running applications but I get that there are people who prefer it that way. Simple option in ini would be sufficient, no UI needed. ;) 1174 plus
171 298 Peter TLS keypinning 1168 plus
172 304 Jon When Make Active is checked, would be nice if the client automatically reactivated/reregisters if the network connection is lost and resumed again (e.g. resuming from sleep, etc.). Currently, I have to toggle this manually. 1164 plus
173 320 Vadim XCAP for Contact list Load/Save 1163 plus
174 328 Johan An option to set automatic updates for new stable versions. 1160 plus
175 290 el_es 1. SIP Originate : tell your Asterisk PBX to ring your desk phone, you pick up the handset and then the PBX dials out to the number, on behalf of your extension; Like SIPTAPI but without dialer.exe 1159 plus
176 306 Jan Sebosik Option to specify portrange for rtp/UDP (and maybe also for SIP) 1159 plus
177 325 myself This MicroSIP phone has no instructions for setting it up, nothing, just technical garble on the help page. The first thing it says on the help page is this: "Your account SIP server." WHAT about an account SIP server? Why are there no instruction anywher 1157 plus
178 316 alvin have Ringing Sound setting like this ..\MicroSIP\ringin.wav so you do not have to keep making this setting when you use this phone portable. 1156 plus
179 322 Goran Configurable User Agent string (just like CSipSimple for android allows). Lots of VoIP Service Providers only allow certain User Agents using a whitelist. 1154 plus
180 307 Michael Schelin Text Messaging - Vertical list for message phone numbers (instead of horizontal tabs) 1152 plus
181 309 adrian Option to hide offline contacts 1148 plus
182 315 Jason Use account name instead of sip url in the menu so that it's straight-forward which account to switch to when there are multiple accounts 1132 plus
183 266 Hassan Add a button to switch from one codec to another during the call e.g. from G711 to G729 if connection starts going down, then MicroSIP should send a re-INVITE to the remote party with the new codec. 1126 plus
184 329 Yuri Option for window "Incoming Call" behavior. Since 3.10.2 it always popup. Before was more predictable: Popup if minimized, flash bar if has no focus 1126 plus
185 341 Xavier Assignable shortcut to answer/hangup a call, e.g. defined to answer call with headset button play/pause. 1124 plus
186 354 michael Bug with SIP | INVITE SDP: m=audio 4004 RTP/AVP 8 0 18 101 m=video 4008 RTP/AVP 99 98 | 200 OK SDP: m=audio 4004 RTP/AVP 8 0 18 101 | But SIP RFC must: m=audio 4004 RTP/AVP 8 0 18 101 m=video 0 RTP/AVP 99 98 1116 plus
187 360 walter add an option that allows you to block access to the configuration parameters and account configuration to limit the configuration of these things only to administrators who have the unlock password 1103 plus
188 382 Badiuz Hotkeys to answer a call like press enter without move a cursor and click button anwser 1103 plus
189 327 Pavel Option to disable only local DTMF sounds when dialing. 1084 plus
190 326 Andy "hangup" Parameter over command line (CMD) 1081 plus
191 331 Darko VLAN tagging. It should have virtual NIC built in that you can put on different VLAN. This way it segregate the traffic between data and voice. This is possible with physical voip phones. It should be possible with software phones (SIP) clients as well. I 1080 plus
192 334 P M Regarding User State. I would like to see a drop-down box that highlights our user state, so that, we would be able to see if we are Available, in Training, on Break, etc. Currently, when the status is changed, it only shows at the bottom of the page and 1068 plus
193 336 Sergei Support USB SkypePhone (Buttons, Ringer) 1066 plus
194 333 MZYChina Define DTMF digits sends as in-band DTMF,or can be selected. 1059 plus
195 344 Jim Hunt Ability to play an audio file such as music or a spoken message over the line to a caller when a call is placed on hold. Example of file could be hold.wav. 1021 plus
196 355 florian Settings-Option to deactivate the auto-away feature. 1012 plus
197 338 Lospejos Plugins API support to be able to make plugins - f.e. events handler (inbound call, outbound call, status changed) etc. 1009 plus
198 362 Supafly Hovering display window in the corner of the screen with caller ID, call duration and hangup button. 1009 plus
199 332 Hoang Nguyen Group chat 993 plus
200 347 GF Replace strings in the numbers before actually calling to fix special characters that cause problems: "+49(0)" -> "0"; or "/" -> "" 992 plus
201 373 Boris Ability to change font size for call logs and contacts (current font is too small). 983 plus
202 365 Isaac I hope this software would be good 973 plus
203 380 Badiuz settings to add dial prefix automatically when calling contact 972 plus
204 346 MAX ability to execute the cmdIncomingCall also on rejected call 969 plus
205 500 Juanfran Make incoming call window not to steal focus. It is annoying when you are typing in some other window and the phone steals focus. If you disable the bring-to-front setting, you get a non-blocking OS notification but it lacks of answer/reject buttons. 967 plus
206 356 Однократный зумер MicroSIP-3.11.0 при получении вызова происходит однократный звонок и вызов остается а звука нет. Откатил на предыдущую версию - там все нормально. 966 plus
207 401 Ndi Multi Line and conference on single window 965 plus
208 506 Kems Add a transparency slider in the options to be used in combination with "always on top" 959 plus
209 363 Alexis G. Possibility to choose Default Communication Device or Default Device (ie Default for Ringing and Default Com for Call Sound And Mic) 956 plus
210 348 PRIHLOP record calls as amr 953 plus
211 436 tanguy Can use handset button to hang up / pick up ( Jabra handset ) 950 plus
212 367 walter See the version number of microsip : Ex "About menù" with all the information of microsip. 947 plus
213 391 Sergejj Добавьте пожалуйста регулировку громкости "Звуковых событий" в меню "Настройки" . Во время набора номера звук в 10 раз громче чем ответ телефонной станции. Звонить не комфортно. приходится отключать полностью "Звуковые события". 946 plus
214 455 Mary Google Contacts SYNC (at least one-way Google -> MicroSIP) 944 plus
215 358 atz Auto-Answer (All calls) button switch on dialpad panel 936 plus
216 357 Elis Disable ring-window on top 934 plus
217 387 admin receive http api get requests - e.g. to open the door (DTMF), switch video, play remote audio message ... 933 plus
218 377 Raul Option to disable (or to reduce the volume) of the beep sound in the ending of a call. 931 plus
219 368 AndreyParkhomets Fix IP selection when VPN used, otherwise no incoming voice 930 plus
220 378 Sandor Option to load CARDDAV contacts 928 plus
221 407 mu5tfind Call on hold reminder, where after X seconds/minutes a sound or beep is heard through the "speaker" or "ring device" of MicroSip. 926 plus
222 414 Mark I am looking for someone calls me, it is a telemarketer, and I dial a code, say *32 and it adds that number to a block list 922 plus
223 388 Yvy Could you please add codec G.726-40 and G.726-32? (G.726 is used to convert G.711A/μ to and from 40 or 32 kbps channels in DCME.) 917 plus
224 448 Filip Allow connecting to SIP account by clicking on link (similar to call:) 913 plus
225 379 Adriano Option to select/remove columns in the contacts/history tabs. 908 plus
226 510 Enrique Manage Urls when we click on phone numbers with spaces the web-browser adds automatically %20 on spaces separators in numbers like this XXX XXX XXX. So add something to manage that or if come with %20 this part dont put it 905 plus
227 352 ar Please add MPEG Layer 2 codec for high quality audio. With MPEG Layer 2, you can connect to a IP Codec device for broadcasting and transfer high quality audio between remote locations or studios. There is no freeware softphone that supports MPEG layer 2. 900 plus
228 404 Oleg Add an option like in X-Lite "Play DTMF tones back to me", or make DTMF quieter (10% - 20% - 30%......100%) 898 plus
229 369 thefish Built-in OpenVPN client like Yealink phones 897 plus
230 398 ali eminent Restriction on call recorder, so that other user can't disable call recordings or change the recording path. 896 plus
231 361 walter An option to hide numeric dialpad 895 plus
232 366 Andre Display won't sleep when microsip is running. "powercfg -requests" lists the "microsip.exe" process as the culprit (under "DISPLAY"). Rebooting or restarting microsip does not correct correct the problem. 895 plus
233 425 Abe Use default communications devices in Windows audio system, so it automatically reduces other audio when a call is active. 892 plus
234 437 Paralea Don't use a separate window for the calls. They get buried onscreen, and it's hard to find them to hang up. Use the actual window where you are dialing from to end calls. 892 plus
235 396 Eric A notification for when someone leaves a voicemail 889 plus
236 429 Fabian Hi, it would be great if i could right click a call in "logs" to add it as "contact". 888 plus
237 394 Kaile it doesnt work correctly if connection built with vpn, the pbx is located in different location, and i want to use MicroSIP in different location and there is site-to-site vpn, but it doesnt work correctly. 885 plus
239 385 Matthew Automatically unmute mic once call is complete. 884 plus
240 411 Petra K. After dialling a number from an external program, MicroSIP gets automatically maximized. Could its dimensions remain the same at all times? 882 plus
241 438 Dmitri Build for Linux/FreeBSD 882 plus
242 434 David Possibility to download call history in csv or xls file. 881 plus
243 432 dman Separately route Call Ring to Speakers and Voice Audio to Headphones option Windows 10. 879 plus
244 375 Joel When existing a contact and going back to the contact, previous messages do not appear 877 plus
245 364 walter A configuration flag that eliminates any sound signals in headphones for events (ES: autoanswer beep) 872 plus
246 473 Fischer Make it Citrix ready. It works great in XenApp, but all users have the same settings, because microsip.ini file stored on same location then exe file. e.g. microsip.exe is stored in C:\programms and microsip.ini the same. 872 plus
247 450 SaiKalyan Could you please add prerecorded greetings internal audio play. auto-answer & recording option is already present so if this greeting & attendant option will be added it will be a fully functional answering machine for me. if any one can do this please c 870 plus
248 393 Pedro Add TRANSFER and CONFERENCE buttons to main window and to Single Call Mode 868 plus
249 428 Russ Add new account by importing from a config file, maybe achieved by associating a new file extension with the exe and a new command line switch 867 plus
250 504 M2 An OPTION to choose a default account, which will be always used after the startup of MicroSIP instead of the last account used before close MicroSIP. 865 plus
251 423 mu5tfind Audio confirmation when putting call on hold and bringing it back from hold. 863 plus
252 395 Pablo Dial *76 (or custom) when click DND on the phone to let asterisk know 862 plus
253 594 NvrBst When a call comes it (when microsip is in tray, on windows) it pops up the "Contacts" tab by default. It would be nice if this was configurable, or, at least the "Dialpad" tab makes more sense to me to be default. 859 plus
254 459 Abe Ability to receive multicast rtp streams (for paging) the way desk phones do 853 plus
255 470 Dawid Multiple phone lines/accounts with separate dialpad/control on single screen with separate speaker and microphone selection. 851 plus
256 381 zwostaa Set focus on incoming call window / bring it to foreground when ringing (OS: windows 7) 848 plus
257 392 JMM Avoir une version microsip sans possibilité d'enregistrer les appels (comme cela existait dans la version 3.19.8. 848 plus
258 418 Dimitri IAX protocol funcionality if possible. 845 plus
259 372 Yu Could you add an indicator that shows which codec is actually being used during a call? 844 plus
260 408 Riccardo Try to reconnect every 'xxx' seconds if some error shows. Appreciated when you use slow dhcp and microsip on startup, if windows doesn't get quickly an ip microsip stays offline and you have to reconnect it manually. 843 plus
261 419 list for auto answer Auto answer has many options, i don't know. I want a easy choice like "8499*@sip*.com" or blacklist whitelist. "Directory of users" is hard to set for new user. 840 plus
262 371 ACL Why don't you use paypal? 839 plus
263 519 Zoran Web browser plugin - click to call option from web sites. 838 plus
264 454 Glukinho Allow to make calls without speakers/microphone/audio device at all, especially in RDP session. Useful to troubleshoot SIP connectivity issues, when you need to know quickly if a call can be dialed at all. 836 plus
265 359 highbaser Don't streamline the interface - Please don't ruin MicroSIP with today's crappy UI design standards (Material, Metro, etc.) 833 plus
266 370 Yu Hi, could codecs G.722.1@16kHz or G.729a be added? 831 plus
267 480 Frank Higher quality Opus codecs, perhaps 48KHz and 64KHz for radio remote connections. Local account is great for direct connection to broadcast codec HW like Comrex! 831 plus
268 498 Julio plantronics headset support 831 plus
269 497 Johnny I wish for the possibility to select two simultanious ring devices as in Skype. The possibility to send/hear the ring signal in both headset and PC speaker for example. 829 plus
270 409 Dmitry The password should not be displayed in GUI or the account settings may be able to be blocked for viewing by non-administrators 828 plus
271 383 memo add a speaker phone facility (second sound card) 822 plus
272 422 Evan Set outbound caller ID in settings. 821 plus
273 457 Moshe Should work with siptapi 821 plus
274 416 David An OCX to integrate into other apps that return values ​​such as: call time, call status, error codes and so on. 820 plus
275 509 Malon different ringtones, depending on caller this would be great! thank you in advance if ever considered worth to implement 820 plus
276 403 Stefano lookup on Tellows, shouldianswer or other antispam services (after stripping anything after @ in the incoming caller identifier). 819 plus
277 397 Rudflodur Extract invalid characters from number (e.g. 0123/456), other characters like (0123.456) works. Writing phonenumbers with slash is common in Germany 818 plus
278 421 NGUYEN Search all accounts with same network. Use with RadminVPN, you can only call via IP, not via name 815 plus
280 390 Jameel Option to add prefix to every outgoing call. thank you 812 plus
281 430 Fabian Maybe you could consider to access external Phonebooks, like Fritz.box devices provide. 812 plus
282 389 Julie Make dialpad buttons smaller, so overall width would become smaller too. And maybe make an option to hide them completely. 811 plus
283 374 calas Include non-ECC certificates or make website available via pure HTTP (not HTTPS). Inaccessible with older browsers on Windows XP. 810 plus
284 406 Blake Sinnett Add hotkeys for shortcuts (control+1-8) as well as for call management (control_h to hold, control_e to end call, control+t to transfer, etc) 810 plus
285 417 Kevin The ability to support MLPP User Agent features. Would be very useful for testing some SIP networks. 810 plus
286 435 Guillaume Option to upload contact from csv 808 plus
287 446 lucas 1.Add option to "Register every X segonds" in account properties. 2.MWI voice mail feature support.and maybe video mail in the feature. 802 plus
288 495 Alessandro Presence (BLF) also on the "Shortcut" Buttons (not only in the personal directory 800 plus
289 467 kenny failover using outbound proxy or dual registration 797 plus
290 507 George Tones optional pack (busy etc). Tones, played by PBX (Asterisk, for example), are not clear. It is better to have internal signals. 796 plus
291 426 Marco Display "info" information in popup window when incoming call coming 790 plus
292 410 Alex Setting in preferences for automatic conferrence mode Option, so that participans cann be directly part of a current call. 789 plus
293 452 Ober Headset integration - Sennheiser HeadSetup 788 plus
294 413 Mike Open url at incoming call 783 plus
295 402 Shadow373 Add Blacklist for microcip. 782 plus
296 442 Alvaro José Peña Themes or Skin for GUI like xlite 781 plus
297 525 edi In Multi Call Mode, Call Connected shows the hostname of the server. This is not good because it shows where is the server what cloud provider is using. Please remove it. example: (Connected (ip-hostname.of.server, PCMU@8kHz 64kbit/s) 781 plus
298 451 Michele It would be very comfortable if the "Call" button would turn into "Hang up" if there is a call in progress. 779 plus
299 460 Mos Possibility to use multiple outbound providers 775 plus
300 558 Ricardo Export/import accounts 775 plus
301 384 Rickylee Can I modify manual and dynamic below rtpmap value ? like a example of AMR 12k SDP. I wanna change rtpmap from 120 -> 97 , m=audio 11706 RTP/AVP 121 120 101 c=IN IP4 b=TIAS:23850 a=rtcp:11707 IN IP4 a=sendrecv a=rtpm 773 plus
302 492 JT Add "Comments" as a contact list column 773 plus
303 496 Kerstin Is it possible to use MicroSIP within Microsoft Teams? Would a Microsoft Teams integrations be useful (https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-US/marketplace/apps?src=wnblogmar2018&product=teams)? 773 plus
304 539 Andrew Sign the executables and assemblies with a Code signing certificate for easier managed via policy and AV 772 plus
305 400 Stu E add higheer bit rates for OPUS codec. as high as 128kbs would be nice 770 plus
306 440 Moishe Choose client IP address to bind to eth0, eth1 (for sip account) 768 plus
307 486 MatthiasSchröder Map special media key (i.e. windows audio mute key) to end call for multimedia remote controls whithout stop button. 768 plus
308 456 TEL-PRO Ciemny motyw lub kolor skórki. 766 plus
309 546 obaid Add shortcut keys line "Ctrl+t for Call Transfer, Call Hold, Call Mute, Call End" etc. 765 plus
310 427 BPhilippi Advanced SIP parameters - Registration timeout, re-register interval, sip session timers etc. 764 plus
311 431 Thomas Routers like AVM have a simplified setup for VOIP accounts with a number of providers across Europe. A similar functionality within MicroSIP would be great (e.g. Vodafone, Telecom, 1&1, etc.) 764 plus
312 405 Blake Sinnett ZRTP support, and the ability to select the Opus frequency, channels and bitrate. 760 plus
313 424 mu5tfind More than 8 configurable shortcuts 760 plus
314 415 Ramon PJSIP Support on port 5080 and SRV Record for registration 759 plus
315 554 Douglas Fischer Make microsip available via Winget. As described in https://github.com/microsoft/winget-pkgs 753 plus
316 471 Rudolf Is there a reason why the slash / is not stripped off like other characters (,.,),- etc..? The slash is often used in Germany as separator between areacode and number! 750 plus
317 458 depape multiple sip accounts registrations on-line 745 plus
318 469 Leendert-Jan The ability to run different commands when different numbers are pressed, making a menu for users. e.g: 'Press 1 to receive the newsletter.' Not very complex, just different commands for different numbers to press :) 742 plus
319 579 Theodore G Nov 2020. Keep GUI as it is. LDAP support anytime soon ? Attended transfer appears dimmed, any suggestions? Donations: You accept paypal but without paypal's logo in the donation page someone may not click... 742 plus
320 489 Astro Option for chat history/logging with date/time 740 plus
321 531 IMEG I wish config the DND codes. In the my PBX when I need change the user state to DND i must to call to 077, if I do this I can check in the Microsip Contacts Panel the user in red, but if I use the Microsip DND button the extension in the system dosen't ch 736 plus
322 472 Corporate User Call forwarding to a mobile number for afk usage 734 plus
323 465 Kevin K Please add option to modify Payload type on Video codecs. 733 plus
324 487 Oksana Contacts have disappeared, it’s very inconvenient, make it possible to save and restore them in cases of such failures. 733 plus
325 483 Danilo Support for sending RFC3325 P-asserted-identity. 727 plus
326 412 Michael Make it possible to send a donation by wire transfer to Bank-account, without paypal, credit-card etc. 726 plus
327 441 Federico Add extensive log of voip protocol in order to troubleshoot voip issues 724 plus
328 474 Juan Put a button in the "Answer" dialog, to place the call directly on hold, instead of stopping the ongoing call. 724 plus
329 490 MatthiasSchröder Option to auto hide as a sidebar with a small button to unhide. 721 plus
330 587 Dennis Make it Windows Virtual Desktop ready. It works great in Windows Virtual Desktop, but all users have the same settings, because microsip.ini file stored on same location then exe file. e.g. microsip.exe is stored in C:\programms and microsip.ini the same. 721 plus
331 595 Kevin Auto DND feature to set work hours tou automatically enable and disable DND 721 plus
332 478 Wesley Add the ability to make custom "call outcomes/disposition" (ie. sale, call back, not interested, DNC)after each call ends/hangup. Add disposition of call result in Call Log. Allow Call Log to be exported to csv or text file. 720 plus
333 484 Sven Add an automatic updater that downloads and installs the newest version automatically instead of redirecting the user to the website to download it manually. 719 plus
334 493 Panagiotis Phonenumber callerID Lookup from a mysql database 718 plus
335 453 Andrew B Compiled Applications and Assemblies signed with a certificate so they can be whitelisted in AV and AppLocker. 715 plus
336 503 admin Ability to lock the account and settings with a password, so that they can't be viewed or changed. Just because you have access to the computer doesn't mean you should have the ability to view the account password or change the configuration. 715 plus
337 523 Yves Caller ID suppression: CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction) The transfer of the calling party's telephone number to the called party is suppressed or restricted. 714 plus
338 535 nvisibles disable all video in autoanswer mode 711 plus
339 537 Juliano Integrate MicroSIP with "sound\communications" option from Windows to automatically reduce the volume of other sounds when receiving calls. 707 plus
340 461 Maxy Video format 16:9, not 4:3 :) 704 plus
341 479 Tekin Remote Number (ANI) hide option when call handle. could not see ANI number. 704 plus
342 488 Jaroslav Answer and decline button green backgroud to answer /red to decline :-) 704 plus
343 468 natSIP add set CLI "Set(CALLERID(all)=xxxxxxxx)" in setting. 703 plus
344 557 Matt Wrap incoming caller id for long caller id strings. 702 plus
345 481 Kevin K Please add Fax support for both G.711 and T.38 701 plus
346 476 Astro Can't connect to sip.linphone.org (incorrect password error). 700 plus
347 475 Seejay Integrate a Hifi audio quality stereo audio codec via OPUS 256kbit/s with inbandFEC enabled. 699 plus
348 482 Gui IMS-AKA authentication support 699 plus
349 477 Astro sip_auth_clien ...Unsupported digest algorithm "SHA-256" 698 plus
350 517 Peter Record in multiple channels to separate transmit and receive 696 plus
351 520 Bobby Don't bring conference window into foreground when dialing a number. After making a call you have to click the dial pad to bring it in foreground to dial more digits on you keyboard. 695 plus
352 444 Youri The setting for Opus, "maxaveragebitrate=20000", means 8kHz mono bandwidth only, and G.722 sounds better. 50000 would make MicroSIP sound as good as PhonerLite! ;) 692 plus
353 494 MatthiasSchröder Menu option to call mobile number from contact context menu. 692 plus
354 541 Tuxheader Ubuntu/Mint/Debian Client. Mac OSX, IOS Client Android Client 692 plus
355 499 Jens Bei Anruf laufende Audioquelle stummschalten. Frage: wäre es Möglich, eine laufende Audioquelle wie Musik Stream für die dauer des Anrufes stumm zu schalten... Ansonsten finde ich das Programm super.. weiter so. 690 plus
356 528 Chris Contacts already can have multiple numbers. Make them available for dialing from the contacts list. And extend the number of numbers to 4 or 5. 690 plus
357 592 Александр Скрыть НЕактивных абонентов в списке контактов 689 plus
358 556 Michael Dark Theme, comparable to the Windows 10 dark mode. 688 plus
359 588 Carina Call a number directly from the Internet with a key combination or via the dialog with the right mouse button. 685 plus
360 491 Robby ability to paste a number (as DTMF signal) within an active call. Lot of business people need this to register the call in to a certain meeting by entering such a meeting ID in Webex or Zoom (234567899#) 683 plus
361 516 Eduardo Function to generate the password hash from the microsip executable or similar method to generate MicroSIP.ini for remote provisioning. Running code on the machine: microsip.exe generate_hash s3cret_p@s5w0rd 682 plus
362 580 Mahinda Ability to sync with google contacts 682 plus
363 524 edi Do not Activate any Account on startup if no Active Account was set before last Exit 681 plus
364 462 Kevin K Please add option for Late Media Invite. Initial Invite with no SDP and utilize the first Codec returned in the 183/200OK that matches configured Codecs 679 plus
365 501 Rafael Tavares Add option to disable "show password" on sip account 679 plus
366 420 Charlie German translation and userdefind coulors/styles and size 676 plus
367 522 Guy Compatibility with Jabra Keypad to mute, hold, anwer 676 plus
368 581 zannetos 24-hour time format, in logs 676 plus
369 620 Shaiful Islam Please add a webhook for incoming calls (basic HTTP get request is ok). 676 plus
370 464 Spidy I was wishing for uPnP. Improved Messaging. Above all, we wish you well ! Great Product !!! 675 plus
371 526 edi Ringing popup shows the ip of the server and version of FPBX and astertisk. Should not show those information no need. example: [email protected] FPBX- To: 307@ip-of-client 675 plus
372 485 Greg AAC-LD/AAC-ELD Codec Support even if not free. 674 plus
373 576 Primo Transfer calls to other sip 674 plus
374 555 Tony When I click ESC and Microsip just go in right bottom bar and I have to use my mouse to click it to reopen everytime and using alt and tab wont find the software. Hoping there is a keyboard shortcut to reopen the software or Microsip can be pin even I ESC 673 plus
375 547 IARSLAN After the installation, can the user-changeable motion multilingual support option be added? as for example Zoiper 666 plus
376 511 Boris Special shape of icon in the system tray when DND option is on. (May be, another for AA?) 661 plus
377 515 Petrochka Add a IAX protocol support. 660 plus
378 538 Zigmas In Contacts menu all information should be displayed in columns, not only Name/Number/Info. (Now Mobile number, email, address, etc. aren't displayed). 657 plus
379 540 SIARHEI long numbers are not displayed when incoming. for example, "incoming call +1234567890" 657 plus
380 518 cobwebb Strip non numeric characters from numbers passed in via command line (so that %20 and + etc are stripped from poorly formatted callto and tel links) 655 plus
381 521 Bobby Add pause ability to dial-plan. A P or comma could be used to insert a pause and allow the call to connect and then dial the remaining digits. Example you dial 2289 it would then dial 16185551212P2289 using a dial plan of xxx In turn would call 618555 655 plus
382 591 Matti Show the called number in log tab 653 plus
383 596 Roman Auto-Answer header on NOTIFY, like tSIP (Event: talk) 651 plus
384 606 Jelle Cancel a forwarded call, if the forwarding number doesn't respond. 650 plus
385 502 John Jairo Zuñiga Que me muestren como recuperar registros de llamadas no contestadas o perdidas que fueron eliminadas por el usuario de microsip. 649 plus
386 553 Douglas Fischer Make Microsip available as an APP to be obtained via Microsoft Store. https://docs.microsoft.com/pt-br/windows/uwp/publish/app-submissions 647 plus
387 597 Amit P Enable auto-update functionality for the app (rather than having to manually download + execute a setup binary). 645 plus
388 505 MatthiasSchröder Map global Windows hotkey to call the number from active selected windows text. 641 plus
389 635 Kevin K Ability to authenticate PRACK if 401 Unauthorized is received per rfc3262 sec9. 641 plus
390 653 Mark Block a caller or block a number. A simple way to add numbers to a block caller list. 641 plus
391 661 André enable a new option to send LOGS to an IP and Port 635 plus
392 527 Artyom Add radio buttons. Those. buttons with status indication on / off. This is necessary when using presence statuses, etc. of things. Now if I put myself in a pause in the queue, I do not see in the pause in the softphone or not. Indicator buttons would solv 629 plus
393 552 Silvio Remove spaces from tel: parameters. This is required to call directly from Outlook if contact telefone number use format like this +49 (123) 12345. If spaces included, MicroSIP does not call anything, if they are removed, it works fine. 628 plus
394 619 Dimitris Need to able to merge two active calls. Useful for announcing a caller and not blindly transfer. 628 plus
395 508 pp2 clear call history "select all" and clear history button required 626 plus
396 513 Tim I use the microsip as an easy to use client on a NEC SV9100 system. nec should also be able to handle presence status. yet, nec uses port 8383 for presence status. is there any way I can make microsip more compatible with NEC presence ? 626 plus
397 750 left allow conference calling with same number 626 plus
398 584 Dean Add commandline option to set own path for installation like on a Citrix server with roaming profiles e.g.:"/installpath=C:\ProgramData\MSL" 625 plus
399 600 Tobias Support for RTT (Real Time Text) based on RFC4103, so that communication can be textbased instead of talking (for example if your deaf). Messages today are only SIP Message and are not real-time enought. 625 plus
400 514 Albert Subscribe to a contact in the contact list and be notified when this contact is avaiable for calling ( not busy or in a call ) 624 plus
401 601 Caio Label call/end call change collor green/red 623 plus
402 680 Ian Command line to transfer when the first number is answered. ie .exe number /transfer number2 620 plus
403 529 Alf Ability to validate users using LDAP 619 plus
404 577 Tim Save and restore settings. Upgrades are a pain...it could be less so if the software allowed user controlled save & restore of all the settings. 619 plus
405 545 obaid Add department column and shown on contact list. as search contact by department. 618 plus
406 589 Roman Use "Phone Number" and "Mobile number" to resolve contact Names on incoming calls (right now only "Number" field is searched). 618 plus
407 618 Alan_uk The application takes up a lot of screen space. Option to automatically minimize/minimise to task bar after x seconds of no use (i.e. not on a call). default say 10 seconds. Many thanks. 618 plus
408 512 Rem When copy & paste telephone number country code doesn´t follow. +467012345678 shows in the calling list but when we copy and paste it, it will be: 07012345678. Would like to behold the countrycode. 617 plus
409 544 Timothy Jumonville Multiple SIP accounts registered at the same time and can receive calls on any of them. 615 plus
410 563 Visin Shortcuts in .ini file 614 plus
411 603 Carol documentos 611 plus
412 626 Teobaldo Please, add a startup parameter that points to the configuration file to be used (not just microsip.ini). With this change I suppose that it would be possible to run multiple instances of MicroSIP simultaneously. This would be useful for teaching purposes 611 plus
413 633 Vishwajit Provide the ability to customize the packetization time (ptime), e.g. 10ms, 20ms, 30ms. 610 plus
414 560 Pranav If Microsip could work with 2 or more domains at a time. Want to receive calls from 2 or more domains without having to switch between them. 609 plus
415 533 Rafael Saraiva Send NOTIFY to set presence when set DND to enabled. 606 plus
416 548 JAM Right click call, on an incoming call log entry, isn't re-written by the Dial Plan rule(s). Outbound calls, in the logs, when right click called, are rewritten by the Dial Plan. 606 plus
417 550 JAM Add to Dial Plan the ability to match on either or string. i.e. (888|999|777|232)x. If there is a way, I can't find an example. 606 plus
418 567 Jakob Login to Google or Apple account(s) for synchronisation with respective contact lists 605 plus
419 536 Ulf Westman I wish that I have the possibility to translate the words "Unavailable" & "redo" under information in the contactlist ;_) 603 plus
420 590 David Allow sound to be transmitted over RDP. Microsip currently complains that the device is in use. 603 plus
421 530 Chad Wright Need to be able to see if you are actually recording or not...when you click the rec button there is no feedback as to if it started recording or not..turn button green or something when recording...Thanks 602 plus
422 559 Ricardo Create account from another (copy account option) 602 plus
423 534 Frank Windows defender detects the download exe as unsafe. Please tell Microsoft that the app is safe. I already send a message to Microsoft that I think that the app is safe. Defender says it is not downloaded very often and therefore classifies Microsip as p 601 plus
424 598 giomert Deactivate "Do not Disturb" mode in status of MicroSIP 599 plus
425 602 Alan Ability to change main dialog keypad size (new version's dialog box is much bigger than previous). Either change in Settings or by using mouse to change dialog box size. 596 plus
426 532 Yannick It would be nice if MicroSIP handles 3xx responses. 593 plus
427 623 NA Ability to send hook flash events, using either RFC2833 or SIP INFO (should be straightforward) 593 plus
428 551 JAM The contact searches the name and number, but not the info field. Extending search to info would be nice. 592 plus
429 616 InterLinked Flash button that works like an analog telephone adapter so that it can get a recall dial tone from the SIP server (not local). (Possible on ATAs, not on any softphones I have encountered so far). 591 plus
430 631 da_ron DPI awareness on 4k displays with a scaling more than 100%. Buttons and menue are blurry. 591 plus
431 651 Dogerty Send DTMF with command line parameter. 590 plus
432 605 Vinicius Put password to edit sip account settings and softfone settings 589 plus
433 542 Mark Allow higher resolutions. Like 720p/1080p? Now it crashes with Error: vstdec06DB2214 Error: not enough buffer for decoded frame 588 plus
434 549 JAM The Dial Plan field only allows 248 characters. I shutdown MicroSIP, and edited dialPlan in the INI file. There seems to be an internal limitation. 588 plus
435 562 diegomolineaux macOS version 588 plus
436 575 Joe Hotkey - Option to change hotkeys instead of using F2 and F4 to answer and decline 587 plus
437 561 Daniel Popup external application : like CRM , web application , native browser url. 585 plus
438 543 Boris When MicroSIP window gets focus and current panel is dial panel, the number field shoud become active, to the digits pressed on the keyboard go to this field. 584 plus
439 645 Alex Please make a dark theme 584 plus
440 607 Guayo Integrate "non single call" options into the main phone window, just using tabs not a new separated window. 583 plus
441 622 Remi Extra column in contacts displaying mobile Phone number 582 plus
442 766 sugest do not register after edit account. 581 plus
443 593 Ryder Show "From" name / number in incoming call windows either always or only if different from P-Asserted-Identity 576 plus
444 638 PaterGirona Suport video h.265 575 plus
445 610 Olli It would be nice to be able to define Hotkeys for anwering and hanging up since headset support collides with other applications like teams. 572 plus
446 599 Wim pickup / Answer a call from a locked windows system. while I lost the call, before I unlock my windows 571 plus
447 614 Audio Record calls in stereo / separate channels for each participant, preferably lossless. 571 plus
448 615 Audio Record calls with original codec or .wav/.flac while keeping the original sampling rate (kHz). Lossless conversion between .wav and .flac (50% size reduction) or any other lossless codec can later be performed by the user. 569 plus
449 566 Lisa Mac OS version needed 568 plus
450 569 sr Ability to make Multicast calls 567 plus
451 568 Ruslan Costin Permanent link to download the latest version of microsip. 565 plus
453 627 Jakob Support for Google and Apple Contact cloud 564 plus
454 573 Peter wish to enhance the accessibility with the blind computer users and create clear shortcuts for call transfer, hold and conference 563 plus
455 754 aleksmisha Add support music instead of ringback (microsip need send to server 183 Session Progress instead of 180 Ringing and audio-stream) 562 plus
456 632 Gu Conference call and call transfer (call parking) features 561 plus
457 585 Marco Nienow Auto reject calls when busy. 558 plus
458 564 Andrew When call cames set focus on button "Answer". 557 plus
459 578 tpm Open contact window side by side to dial window. So we can see the two at same time . 556 plus
460 582 zannetos kaios support 555 plus
461 604 Max Hi guys! Tell me, can microsip software have automatic substitution of the phone number when you click on the phone number in the browser? I'll explain. For example, we visit any site, such as an online store, and it would be very cool, when you click on 555 plus
462 646 Noman transfer the Fritz!Box phone book to MicroSIP 554 plus
463 586 Pim Be able to use SRV records while using the default DNS resolver rather than Google DNS 553 plus
464 565 Sophia similar as 194 User State. Need to see the status of MicroSip, when my tunnel goes down, MicroSIP is Gateway down. When tunnel is Up again, need to Edit Account and save then status is online. Missing status on icon or start by itself to be online 551 plus
465 571 Florian Popup missed calls 551 plus
466 612 Cord Cordes Mein Problem ist, dass ich nur die Namen, Wohnorte oder andere Eigenschaften meiner Kontakte im Kopf habe, nach denen ich sie suche. Alle Telefonnummern habe ich nicht im Kopf. Daher sollte das Suchfeld der Kontakte Standardeingabefeld sein. MfG CC 550 plus
467 613 M2 correct sorting for call length by time not by digit current sort is like 1:21 , 1:28:59 , 1:30 or 1:21 , 10:52 , 2:53 549 plus
468 628 Faram Great & Lovely project, thanks! Please add the Attended transfer button in simple mode. 547 plus
469 574 Jerome Allow us to add notes in the contact fields rather then just name and number, i tried adding the notes but nothing appears. Micro sip is the simplest and best softphone EVER, thanks guys you the best. God Bless 546 plus
470 696 Ricardo Ferreira Alert-Info to Distinctive Ringtone for internals call. ex info=Bellcore-dr3 546 plus
471 649 Rodrigo Windows Registry key to disable DND option. I want the user not to be able to use DND. 545 plus
472 572 Torsten resolve name also to mobile number (incoming calls) - log and display. 543 plus
473 643 Michael Rack Showing / updating displayed data from P-Asserted-Identity on 200 OK, 183 Session in Progress, 180 Ringing 543 plus
474 609 Olli It would be nice to be able to add the field "comment" to the contact list. "Info" is overwritten when I set precence to "1" in my xml file 542 plus
475 736 Math The application shortcut opens a new instance rather than opening the existing instance. Multiple instances cause "Incorrect Password" and other issues. 540 plus
476 758 Jesper Noergaard click to call. When you press a phone number on a website or make a selection of a phone number on a website, the softphone must dial that number. it will help many to be able to make quick calls 539 plus
477 678 Jonathan Wohlschlag Unattended/silent install capability for corporate network deployment. 538 plus
478 617 InterLinked Greater color differentiation for Station Line Appearance / Busy Lamp Fields. Ideally, GREEN = idle, RED = busy and in use (instead of offline) and gray is unregistered, etc. This way, one can use color differentiation as with physical BLFs. 536 plus
479 759 Dan To create a login window (admin rights) before the settings one in order to avoid users to make undesirable changes on setup 536 plus
480 697 Kevin Add a soundgate to avoid background noise. 533 plus
481 583 David FTP support for user directory configuration from external source. MicroSIP seems to support HTTP(S) according to the documentation 531 plus
482 642 Franck Silent installation with options destination Folder & User Profil 531 plus
483 648 ddeew During incoming call popup it but do not take the focus. Focus must be in current app where user types the text. 530 plus
484 652 Safak On windows 10, there is an microphone icon appear when calling someone but it doesnt disappear when we hang up. Its annoying and makes me paranoid. Please make it go away when call ends. 530 plus
485 728 Anon Update notification RSS feed 530 plus
486 629 Christian Blocking list for unwanted calls. We get a lot of unwanted advertising calls. I would like to be able to block them. 528 plus
488 641 Franck i install Microsip in Programm directory, At first launch i need to put or change user directory to store the ini & contacts because by defaut it's in admin the %appdata% & i don't want to use a admin account. 522 plus
489 663 Pascal menu item to force contact update (XML/JSON file) 520 plus
490 611 Pieter Pieter Numerele "de pe lista neagră" pentru apelurile de intrare - direct la mesageria vocală 1282 519 plus
491 660 Toni Recieve calls when windows is in standby 518 plus
492 658 JasonOmarion RFC4662 Resource List Subscribtions or BLF List. 517 plus
493 624 NA 4th column DTMF tones (A-D). Yes, not commonly used, but they are still part of the DTMF spec and I often need to use them. Making this optionally part of the keypad would be great. 516 plus
494 667 Niels Customize ring tone per contact 516 plus
495 644 VP within the live call - Either do not allow to open "setting" Or call must not disconnect at least. 514 plus
496 654 AndreasE A Button for consultative transfer. The non "Single Call" Mode is not very intuitive for non IT affine Users. Me and my Clients never use blind transfers. 514 plus
497 677 Jonathan Wohlschlag Do not sideload and install Wave Browser during MicroSIP self-updates. Wave Browser is basically malware. 514 plus
498 709 Pietro Add command line to "capture" an incoming call of another user 513 plus
499 625 Webhalla Would love the option to choose how to display time and date in the logs screen. 511 plus
500 608 Artem auto call forwarding 507 plus
501 655 Chalda Multiple telephone number in contacts with info (for example: 123456 [mobile], 123457 [work], 123458 [John] ) 506 plus
502 662 eugene sms integration to goip 504 plus
503 650 Reiner What would be good is the possibility to be able to switch between the headset and the loudspeaker during a call (hands free phone). Currently the connection is being disconnected when i switch between the headset and the loudspeaker. Good job, great prog 503 plus
504 669 Noah Hotkeys for Do not Disturb and hold 503 plus
505 682 Joás Replace the beep at the end of the call with a more calming sound. The current one hurts the ears. 503 plus
506 634 Andre Add the ability to record convos with channel separation in stereo (e.g., incoming audio on the left, outgoing audio on the right), such as implemented by Acrobits mobile SIP client 502 plus
507 668 Max Add the ability to disable the DND button. via the launch command or ini file. microsip.exe -nodnd. so that the button is not displayed in the application interface. 501 plus
508 630 Djully Criar opção para remover o botão de transferência 500 plus
509 659 Chalda Checking the number in the phonebook even without international prefix (00xx or +xx) 498 plus
510 689 Philipp Show called number in ringing dialog. 497 plus
511 690 Illa Park status button 496 plus
512 732 Valery Option to choose if closing a program window minimizes it to tray or exits immediately. Not everyone needs it in the system tray - easy to forget it there, and it will take calls expected on another registered SIP devices. 496 plus
513 636 iskomania include outbound IVR 492 plus
514 665 Alan_uk In Settings provide the option to set user defined paths for contacts, call log and the settings themselves. I had to restore my C: drive and lost my recent call log entries. Always a good option to put user data on another drive for daily image backup. 492 plus
515 714 Leonardo Gonzalez DO Me gustaria que tuvieran alguna version de laboratorio con multiples lineas SIP o SCCP 492 plus
516 768 Timotej Please add a simple answer and deny hotkey soo we can map it to an external device or a simple button. for example ctrl+ a for answering a call 491 plus
517 656 pp required incoming call sound on speaker or headphone if headphone connect to pc because if head phone connect and you have drop head phone incoming call not understand due to missed call drop 489 plus
518 672 Cory URL entries based on Actions (ex: https://imgur.com/a/GSQ3ENA) (wish: 140,275,413) 488 plus
519 675 Hans A big green and red button to answer and hang up 488 plus
520 666 Alex Separate settings for program sounds and dtmf tones (on or off) 484 plus
521 686 Mikkel Have a .msi version of the download 484 plus
522 694 Georg Allow that MicroSip automatically calls the dialer back (after few seconds) 484 plus
523 681 greenambition420 More Detailed Interface showing the CID 483 plus
524 637 Tim It seems that microsip only uses REFER to do a transfer. is there any option so that the microsip client sends a RE-INVITE instead ? my PBX doesnt seem to like REFER that much. 481 plus
525 674 mpe Reflect status in Taskbar icon: When in DnD or call please reflect it with an icon overlay so don't forget to turn DnD off 480 plus
526 639 Fabi Fritz.Box aussuchen, Passwort eingeben, alles wird automatisch fertig eingerichtet. Zugegeben: Eine Funktion für Anfänger ;) 478 plus
527 673 Tom M. Add a start with windows function 478 plus
528 687 Peter Color indication in shortcuts area. Busy indicators, pause mode etc 477 plus
529 688 Nik Please add option to install the product for all users and not personal installation (instead of saving the whole program in user profile, save just configuration) 477 plus
530 657 Rogerio Insert the button for your money increasing 475 plus
531 671 GS move source code to Github for better collaboration 474 plus
532 676 Sergey Transger a call from command line, conference commands from command line. 467 plus
533 685 Joás Change the ringtone. The current one is too loud and hurts the ears. 467 plus
534 695 Udo GREEN and RED colored button to accept and decline a call when a call comes in. 466 plus
535 773 Wasif To show contact name (If Added that person's number on contact list already) in Outgoing calls. 466 plus
536 679 Pascal Allow filling info field in contact form 464 plus
537 670 GS fix href tel: for Windows 10 21H1 461 plus
538 684 Joás Modernize the UI with WinUI. 461 plus
539 762 Trouff Allow Multiple Active Account. This way additional accounts can receive calls. Set as an account option "Keep active". 461 plus
540 691 Jacky Inbuilt noise cancellation 457 plus
541 693 Thorsten access to the phone book when you initiate a conference call 454 plus
542 683 Joás Modernize the incoming call ringtone. 450 plus
543 713 Leonardo Gonzalez DO Me gustaria que se pudieran modifcar las mac´s 02190D15CC01 448 plus
544 786 Steffen Sanitize numbers on paste: space, symbols that indicate extensions like '-' '/', replace '+' with '00', ... 447 plus
545 700 Carl Restore the ability to disable keep-alive (set to 0). Was present in v3.19.21. 446 plus
546 699 Danny It would be great if the DND button could be disabled altogether so it wasn't an option for the end user. 441 plus
547 715 Tobias L. Compatibility with Windows 11, there is no call funktion at the moment. Not in- and not outgoing. 441 plus
548 722 michael MicroSIP crashes every time my Win10 wakes up from standby. If I am not the only one affected this would be worth fixing, I guess :) 441 plus
549 698 juanfran Auto gain and/or peak limiter for microphone input. When the user's voice is too loud the microphone volume indicator turns red but users never realize their voice is distorted. 440 plus
550 721 Thunder Remove dashes, when clicking on a phone number. So it's the same like entering the number manually. 440 plus
551 738 Hanifi Hi I was checking your website and I've seen that you're Ukrainian. God be with you. We are trying to help you from afar, but I do not believe that it is enough. You have a home in Turkey Antalya or London England. Contact me if there is something I 435 plus
552 720 JAM In a XML directory of users, with multiple (different) users with the same number. The first time the XML is downloaded, the distinct contacts are listed. When MicroSIP pulls an XML refresh, all of the entries, with the same number, the name, and all ot 432 plus
553 718 wilson.joseph I want to enable auto recording option 429 plus
554 748 Pepito Command line switch to know the current status. by example: microsip /status = idle, microsip /status = ringing 999238099... 429 plus
555 703 Sammy Logs tab: Add Option to "Clear" the log. Preferably as GUI button but at least inside the popup menu please. 427 plus
556 707 Slawa In the "Calls" section, add the ability to leave your Comments to calls, as well as Export to the Calls.csv file with this column 427 plus
557 704 Sammy Codec Settings: Please make a button "Optimal" (or similar) which adds all codecs to the "available list" and sorts them "best to worst" by kHz or other criteria. For the noobs and the lazy, you know, like myself XD 425 plus
558 734 Ch Playing (in-band) a .WAV file over an active VOIP connection. 424 plus
559 799 harry Revert #722, ID 19 - Instead use route based source selection - on VPN IF, you don't know what IP wou will get, like for any other DHCP condif IF. 424 plus
560 706 Сергей В разделе "Вызовы" добавить возможность оставлять свои Комментарии к вызовам, а также Экспортом в файл Calls.csv с этой колонкой 423 plus
561 724 kymaticus I wish you would build an android app too. 423 plus
562 701 Ed Please add multiple calls can received in many account 422 plus
563 756 Radaco.net Microphone Simulation, for test and Debug 422 plus
564 716 Alex Entering DTMF in call tabs would be nice. So I don't have to minimize and change to Microsip main window. 421 plus
565 727 Keneth Outlook Address Book integration 421 plus
566 719 David Burleigh This is the greatest softphone. Please make a native Linux version! 420 plus
567 712 Vault Hunter add hotkeys for redial, mute / unmute microphone and speaker 419 plus
568 702 Sammy Commandline: implement contacts lookup when giving an argument (case insensitive please). E.g. "microsip.exe paul" would dial Paul's number. 418 plus
569 723 Renan Answer a call with the locked screen 416 plus
570 726 Toto Synchronization between online address books like iCloud, MS Exchange, Google contacts would be wonderfull to just have one common phone book. 416 plus
571 737 Aamer Rabie Hot-Desking feature (When multiple employee work on same MicroSIP here we need to authentication window depended on SIP Auth to login to their account). 415 plus
572 705 Sergey When computer is locked: Set to DND and When screensaver starts: Set to DND 414 plus
573 717 Nikos Select folder where you want to save contacts. This way they can be saved in Google Drive or Dropbox in order to be synchronized between different computers. 414 plus
574 710 eniorm Please add a option in context menu when I right-click in a call in history, to save it to contacts. 412 plus
575 735 Meyda MircoSIp as Android or iOS App 412 plus
576 729 Sergey An ability to import config file sections from separate files. For example, import the "[account1]" section from a separate *.ini file (for auto-configuration, depending on the name of the current system user) or from xml file. 409 plus
577 731 Flavio Goncalves Authentication by credentials HA1 (Instead of using the password, use the HA1). It will help to provision without having to store the password in plaintext in a database. 408 plus
578 725 Doug SMS log file so we do not loose our chats when we restart MicroSIP. 405 plus
579 749 Pepito Microsipt exit codes, like: -1 = no carrier 0 = call sucessfull 1 = target busy 3 = microsip is currently on call 4 = wrong dialed number 405 plus
580 747 Roberto improve bluetooth. a button to switch audio to a 2 channel like bluetooth earphone is usefull. Thanks for program. 402 plus
581 743 Peter Add option to disable Video service (like the option to disable texte) 401 plus
582 730 moein Software performance in secret, no display in the corner of the page, no display in applications, to improve spy function. 400 plus
583 739 BS_ACCICT Add a "Add to Contacts" function in a right-button menu in the tab "Logs" on a log entity 399 plus
584 752 mr lin Hello, I am using micro sip as client, recently met a problem, because it is used in the local area network (LAN), due to traffic congestion, delay is too big. Microsip cannot use the qos of DSCP way, network switches support qos, SIP signaling standard D 398 plus
585 733 Dmitry Smallest possible softphone size. 397 plus
586 763 Ch New entry in microsip.ini : "ShowSystray=0" (does not show systray-icon); "ShowSystray=1" (does show systray-icon). Would be very helpful when integrating MicroSIP in another app by "command line" and "cmdCallStart" / "cmdCallEnd" / "cmdIncomingCall" / " 397 plus
587 785 Shawn Allow a setting to minimize to tray and have nothing on the Windows 10 taskbar (run in system tray only) 395 plus
588 761 Ted A way to boost / amplify speaker volume because increasing windows volume to 100% isn't always enough 392 plus
589 753 aleksmisha Add Connected Line support (read P-Asserted-Identity and/or Remote-Party-ID from SIP server and edit name and number of active call) 387 plus
590 772 michael Is it possible to make microsip support api? For example [curl -d '{"uri":"sip:[email protected]:5060","account":"8888"}' ""], you can use the Registered 8888 to call sip:[email protected]:5060 387 plus
591 740 Ali Savas Separate phone calls into separate audio files It would be very useful if it were possible to record the outgoing and incoming audio channels in separate audio files. 386 plus
592 741 221-ahavath להכניס את אנשי הקשר לחייגן מיקרוסיפ תודה 385 plus
593 760 Michel BUG: If you record a call and end it without stopping the recording first, it stays recording until you close the program or disable call recording in settings. 382 plus
594 744 cristofaro replace pjsip 2.9 with pjsip 2.12 in order to fix related CVE. 381 plus
595 745 Roberto improve search on contacts. example on MicroSIP window, any key pressed go to search and filter results without clicks. program is wonderfull. 381 plus
596 779 Snoopy Possibility to blacklist numbers corresponding to unsolicited calls ! 381 plus
597 757 Lukas Support for TR-064 features by AVM. e.g. you can get PhoneBooks and CallLogs. 379 plus
598 764 Marzel Small easter-egg idea on version-check website: If opened with higher version as currently available, you could write "Your version is ahead. Are you from future?" or something like that :D 379 plus
599 765 Marvin If a call is incoming, set the focus to the Incoming Call-Window and its Answer-Button that you only have to hit the Enter-Key to accept the call. 378 plus
600 778 Ziv Tong User not allow to modify setting and force recording enabled 377 plus
601 746 Roberto improve hands free. example a button switch audio out to a secondary channel so I can use hearphones to listen and speak. with button press, move the listen to external speaker. 376 plus
602 755 Jeroen Assignable shortcut CTRL+P to answer/hangup a call, e.g. defined to answer, pause, Hangup a call with shortcut button. 373 plus
603 771 JohannK Add setting to administrator/password lock Account Settings and Phone Settings menu options. 368 plus
604 781 David Add a Flatpak build for Linux systems. This shouldn't require changes to MicroSIP, just automate bundling Wine+MicroSIP in a Flatpak. 367 plus
605 770 ron hello great bit of software well done just the one problem when you hit the red x in top right hand corner this should disconnect the call you are on and return to the task bar so so so so annoying so so so annoying other wise good 366 plus
606 769 ss mamun star gold machine 364 plus
607 767 Sebastien dynamically enlarge the transfer dialog box to better see the names of the contacts 359 plus
608 775 Jochen I would like to conect my crm with microsip. The url in Starhunter crm is https://MYDOMAINE.starhunter.software/Contact/service/phone-open/number/%CallerNumber% how can I do the right things in the settings so that MicroSip is using the contacts / telep 356 plus
609 777 Oliver working with mysql, saving contact and call info, save call records on external server, Click 2 Call from chrome 356 plus
610 776 Pedro Secondary Server, or Alternative Domain (to use when user is indoor or outdoor office) 353 plus
611 780 Ivan Support sip register redirect(302) 353 plus
612 782 Hei Create a Group Contacts which you can call in order to initiate a conference call for the group 349 plus
613 774 Mike N I think call logs should be saved to a separate file and not to microsip.ini -> [Calls] section. 346 plus
614 783 Dan Not so much a wish but is there any way I can have an operational hard phone (snom) and a MicroSIP softphone using the same IP address and they work? We have that scenario right now on a very linited basis and want to ensure we do the right thing(s) d 346 plus
615 790 james eric It is suggested that MicroSIP can add the feature of exporting address book to html web form. 346 plus
616 784 Shawn Inside of the UI: make a way to set the port to register to (when) UDP/5060 is not the port for the server side (Example: port UDP/8060) 345 plus
617 793 Andrew Option to connect to CardDAV server for contacts. 344 plus
618 791 Darren support for different types of BLF 341 plus
619 796 Adam Reece Resolve environment variables (e.g. %UserProfile%, %AppData%, %LocalAppData%, etc) in file system based settings such as Ringtone file and Call Recording directory. 341 plus
620 804 Sascha Please add configurable Country code for incoming call history. e.g. +49 or 0049 to copy paste in CRM. 340 plus
621 788 Salih I request you to add shortcut key to call hold 339 plus
622 789 Pluri Esc ends call or rejects an incoming call. Would be great if that could be removed 337 plus
623 797 Giorgio implement a keyboard combination that takes the phone number copied from any web page or desktop app and sends it directly to a call 337 plus
624 817 lionel Bonjour, Est-il possible d'installer 2 MicroSip INDEPENDANTD sur mon ordinateur ? Si OUI comment faire ? Merci du retour, lionel 335 plus
625 794 Gav A way to syncronise gmail or microsoft online contacts lists that update when new contacts are added on your phone, web browser or Outlook. 333 plus
626 798 Privacy Choosing Account_Number by Commandline e.g. microsip 0123345 -a 3 to dial 0123345 with account Nr 3 330 plus
627 795 Luis Set the option to lock the settings with a password 323 plus
628 800 Jairo Prates when you press the mute button, a counter appears showing how much time is muted 316 plus
629 802 Max Please make MicroSIP remember window postions and monitor number. 316 plus
630 792 pfloyd Change Disable Video from Global preference to per account. 314 plus
631 801 tanvir new account 312 plus
632 803 Yuri Add a "dial noise" volume knob. The dial sound's too loud in comparison to the voice. 301 plus
633 805 Gabriel Set password on setings 298 plus
634 809 lespeluches Hello. Is it possible for each call to retrieve the caller's number and run a .bat file to do a customer lift? Cordially, 298 plus
635 839 felipe castelo meu microsip não reconhece a saida do fone, ele funciona a saida em outros sites e o microfone tambem funciona, porem para ouvir no microsip não da, me ajudem por favor 293 plus
636 807 Gregory When Optional SRTP is set, initiate outgoing calls with SRTP. Can accept both encrypted/unencrypted calls from Twilio but cannot call out without switching to Mandatory SRTP. 292 plus
637 830 Fabio Add payload type 96 for DTMF tones 288 plus
638 806 Shehzor Hello, when we can get option for different custom skins 287 plus
639 819 Giovani Rossi Add a restriction for user can't disable account or changes configurations. 287 plus
640 825 Adam Reece Change hotkey CTRL+W to close current tab instead of opening the MicroSIP website, as this is very uniform for "close tab" across other applications. 287 plus
641 808 TechnoPhreak Unicode (Emojiis) support in messages. 286 plus
642 811 Jorge Select Interface and not IP. In Sip account settings, you can select your Systems Ip. I think is better select interface, because the ip maybe changes 286 plus
643 810 Marco Please can you modernise the windows by using rounded edges? Maybe also for some of the buttons? 285 plus
644 813 Ashbel Programmable Auto Answer (AA) after xx seconds, so that the user has a sound alert (and a time to refuse) before answering a call. 285 plus
645 812 Lucas Directory of users should refresh periodically, or refresh the Directory of users every time MicroSIP starts. 281 plus
646 815 Humberto Andrade Integration with LDAP 274 plus
647 816 Al Ability to export accounts. God forbid I have to ever rebuild them. 274 plus
648 814 shinsi Please support call history to be saved in external XML format. 273 plus
649 820 Kent Automatically remove space (sent as %20 in HTML) such as when using auto dial from a web site when sent in format (XXX) XXX-XXXX 273 plus
650 818 lionel Bonjour, J'utilise MicroSip depuis déjà longtemps. Ma question : Est-il possible d'installer 2 MicroSip "INDEPENDANTS" sur mon ordinateur ? Si OUI : comment faire ? Je vous remercie pour votre réponse, lionel, 272 plus
651 823 Malax Dark mode. 267 plus
652 844 Roberto Option to set a password to enable or disable the recording option 261 plus
653 827 Hans Auto answer is supported via an INVITE. other PBXs using NOTIFY for this. Will it be possible to use NOTIFY as well or are there any plans to support that? 254 plus
654 824 PaulCrossley Support for SIPS URI (From my reading, the RFCs deprecated the use of transport=tls in favour of using a SIPS URI). 249 plus
655 840 Jon Add option to log messages to file. 248 plus
656 829 David J "Deny Incoming" should have an option "not in contacts list" 247 plus
657 831 João Raminhos Block numbers 245 plus
658 842 eli show diversion number in log or just save it in .ini file 245 plus
659 826 Marco On each incoming call show previous calls from that number 242 plus
660 837 Blueball External contact XML from web server with refresh interval 238 plus
661 833 rigper please, optional input pin to make the botton Setting DND and AA 237 plus
662 834 Semyon Unregister a SIP account when the system idle time exceeds the specified value. 237 plus
663 838 Amitabh Admin Password Control, that will support to enable or disable features like DND 237 plus
664 836 Pointless What's the point in this if so many wishes including of bugs aren't sorted? 232 plus
665 835 Danny Sánchez Microsoft Teams Integration, Built as an App 231 plus
666 841 Joshua Ertel Be able to use on my android phone in some way either thru call forwarding or thru a stand alone app. 227 plus
667 847 Sergey Ability to see the name of the subscriber 225 plus
668 845 mc in multiple calls window "Name" of contact not appear when i call a phone or mobile number, appear only if call the number field 217 plus
669 846 mc in Contact form, please add more size/rows to Comment editbox 206 plus
670 849 test Display caller number/name next to contact that is ringing like in tSIP. 198 plus
671 848 Sergey Make a small call window so you can quickly reject a call (like eyeBeam) 196 plus
672 850 Kessler Send DTMF via CLI. 185 plus
673 851 Joshua ertel Would notify you if it the call is from a main line or using your direct extension. 180 plus
674 852 Anton Show who is speaking in conference call. Case: participant put conference on hold - everybody hears music. Need to see who is speaking to kick from conference. 169 plus
675 856 Paul Can you please release a M1 MacOS Version? Thanks a lot. 127 plus
676 857 WJiang Issue to dial from Contacts(two stage): John 0016141112233,,,,,111# Lee 0016141112233,,,,,222# Right click on Lee-> call, it alwasy shows as John, not expected Lee 125 plus
677 858 dws Microsip can send a post/get request to the URL to obtain the configuration information required for SIP account registration. 122 plus
678 870 Vadim Add BLF functionality for shortcuts 120 plus
679 853 Anton Add DHCP option 120 to automatically configure the SIP server and domain 118 plus
680 854 post-factum codec2 support: a low-bitrate speech audio codec with a bit rate of 3200 to 700 bit/s. 118 plus
681 855 Michael Auto-Redial on busy Button. Parameters: wait time / # of attempts (or infinite) / silent redial (audio off until not busy) // indicators: attempt # (i.e. 5/∞, 6/25) / count down til next attempt 115 plus
682 860 Alvaro Icon to end/dismiss the call in the system tray whene you start/recieve a call 112 plus
683 869 Dirk Bitte die Einbindung von Google Kontakte ermöglichen. Danke 112 plus
684 862 Richard Wilson Microsip - Service not available - any ideas for a fix 111 plus
685 859 Aniket Give a dropdown to select the Caller ID (from number/which caller ID to use for the call) on top of the Dial Pad 109 plus
686 861 Jackson PDB Symbol files for release builds 108 plus
687 863 Gabriel Miranda installation for multi users on windows 107 plus
688 867 DYLAN When we calling somebody three times . she receives three different numbers. it's not good 99 plus
689 864 chong how to share directory to all user? 97 plus
690 868 Oracle +201002398397 CallerID copy in clipboard when answer 96 plus
691 865 cross 改进SIP框架结构使界面更完美 94 plus
692 872 Asli Busy on busy 88 plus
693 874 Anonymous Add IPv6 support, IPv4 is deprecated. 85 plus
694 875 T-Dog Wish for implementation for cardDAV support and automated syncing of cardDAV addressbooks (even for the portable version) to not rely on a manual sync or half-automaded sync via extension/addon 81 plus
695 873 Oskar Egilsson Add support for extended RTP headers compliant to ED137, for radio communication. This includes PressToTalk (PTT) and Squlech (SQ) information. Will require a additional user interface to send/indicate PTT and SQ 74 plus
696 876 Mike An option to customize a shortcut for ''DND'' - such as ctrl+k for example 68 plus
697 877 Vedran multiple sip accounts active 53 plus
698 878 SJ Add an option in the microsip.ini settings file to disable the call popup window. This might be helpful if you want audio only notifications. 46 plus
699 879 Eisvogel For my voice recognition I need the option to use the “Call/Contacts/Calls” buttons with e.g. Ctrl+... 35 plus
700 880 Juan Romero Hello, it would be great to have multiple SIP accounts connected simultaneously. 26 plus
701 881 Tom Feedback to Microsoft Teams to register user status if MicroSIP has an active call, teams status shows as busy (I have seen similar in other softphones) however not sure how possible this is. Would be a "nice to have" feature. 26 plus
702 882 shravan Add Sip Port Support. 26 plus
703 118 Marco DNS SRV resolution for SIP domain 4129 done
704 15 JGR Multiple SIP accounts 3910 done
705 67 Sega Search within the Contacts (by starting to type the name and the results gradually decrease as one proceeds with typing the name). 3778 done
706 318 Pietro DTMF using SIP INFO method 3110 done
707 56 Beat We. Contacts: Vertical Scrollbar (instead of horizontal bar) 3075 done
708 54 Beat We. Separate contacts.ini or contacts.xml file 2582 done
709 34 tester volumen bar to up/down and Mute the sound of speaker and microphone when we are in conversation 1346 done
710 41 oondraa option to load google contacts 1025 done
711 51 Chris Cox Option to register with Windows as default handler for RFC3966 href="tel:" links. 918 done
712 98 Pilou42 Encrypt password. No password at all should appear in plain text, neither in GUI settings or .ini file. 777 done
713 109 Dan Opus codec support 755 done
714 75 Rachel Direct P2P calls ; IP to IP calls ; In case there is a server outage etc. http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Documentation#Calling_IP_to_IP_directly ; http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Peer_to_Peer 744 done
715 188 Alex Please add support for the Opus Codec. 730 done
716 72 Iron run extern script or aplication on answer and send callerID to the script
727 done
717 71 misus accelerated video decoding DXVA for both vga cards Nvidia & ATI 718 done
718 81 noname Support (if installed) for an option to associate MicroSIP with sip: hyper-links - 'Click to Call'. 692 done
719 68 marduk make resizable windows and add minimize, maximize and restore buttons (all windows, chat, video, contacts...), do normal windows please 654 done
720 116 Giuseppe Hold button in Single Call Mode 648 done
721 104 Simon Handle URIs so can click on SIP:xxx links to initiate dialling. 586 done
722 137 Jonathan Fuentes I would love it if you added a Mute Mic button. 578 done
723 107 Jay Ability to use dialpad when in a call (i.e. navigating IVR) 563 done
724 121 Shaun Setting in account to make registration optional (i.e. use only for outbound calls). Some providers only allow 1 client to be connected via SIP. So useful to have hard phone registered for in/out and soft phones on PC's set to out only.
For this leave SIP server field empty.
554 done
725 108 Yann Resising of the main window. The main window cannot be resised For example when in "calls" menu you need to use the slider whereas there is plenty of space on my PC screen ;) Alternative solution would be to make it larger so the list in contact would 543 done
726 110 x-link Current call duration counter(Digital clock) is essential. 542 done
727 192 Denis Do not record position and size of the window changes in a .ini file at the time of the change. This gives a great load on the disk and slows down the rendering. Save settings on close/minimize the application.
This problem was fixed. Let us know if problem still exists.
542 done
728 14 Cory Call History, including date/time for received, outgoing, and missed calls. 529 done
729 120 Roberto The contact list could show who is busy
MicroSIP supports this. Configure your SIP server.
529 done
730 114 Alex --> bigger window PS: I can't end a call
This happend when account configured incorrectly.
526 done
731 159 salaros MicroSIP is not integrated with Windows 7/8 taskbar. It's not possible to restore a minimized instance by clicking on a pinned MicroSIP icon. When you finally restore it from the tray icon a new non-pinable icon appears (total: 2 icons). 518 done
732 148 Yann Ringing on an other audio device: When you are away from your desk (like in the other room) you can t hear the ring coming out of your headset. Therefore I have a second audio output I could use to have the ring of the phone. (xlite does offer such poss 516 done
733 142 Shafiq the close button must minimize to tray. and minimize button must minimize on task bar. 508 done
734 140 James Add version number (and Publisher) information to the windows installer config. See here: http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/5778/microsip.png 503 done
735 128 Dmitry additional to CmdIncomingCall, add CmdAnswerCall and CmdDisconnectCall
502 done
736 157 bruno Store the settings into the profiles of the user, so it become available when using roaming profiles
494 done
737 155 LWC Speakerphone! That is, a speakerphone button that would use a different sound device than the regular one (i.e. headphones). Just like Nonoh's client has: http://img263.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=23909_nonoh_122_509lo.jpg 477 done
738 179 Knut Please add G.711 μ-law and G.711 A-law. They are preferred by many VoIP providers, and without them the call quality is much worse using G.729 or GSM instead as they don't support the high bandwidth codecs.
PCMA and PCMU are the same
468 done
739 164 bago Use default input/output device if the selected one is not available. Back to the selected as soon as it is available. I use USB headset and they are not always connected (as they are on the docking station) and I have to restart MicroSIP each time. 467 done
740 198 Dallas a way to transfer calls 465 done
741 163 Giles X widget - Close to System Tray (does not exit program), to exit program use right click system tray icon. (I often shutdown MicroSIP by mistake, but I want it running all the time). 446 done
742 181 Knut Selected "Ring device" should perhaps apply only to incoming calls? Unnecessary for PC speakers to play sound when I call out with headphones, especially in an office environment. 446 done
743 190 Guy Provide means of clearing the dialled numbers list, everything or individual entries 445 done
744 182 Alex To have the PAUSE button when calling external gateways. Like Nokia phones if you know them... Cheers, great product!! 440 done
745 168 Christian Ignore incoming calls: Instead of 'declining' calls (which might be considered rude), just ignore them. Mute the ringing and wait until the caller hangs up by himself. 427 done
746 209 H Br Attended call transfer. At present only blind transfer is supported. Thanks! 424 done
747 199 Paul Don't crash a virgin media router when attempting to make a call. Consistent bug with microsip or the modem - but other soft phones work fine :( 409 done
748 207 Igor Lately with cheapvoipinc not working anymore. Possible the timeout is too short. Would be nice if would be adjustable. 388 done
749 222 WGRichie01 first off I love this application the small footprint is great would love to be able to have 2 extensions from the same PBX connection, I currently provide helpdesk support also and find I have to use 2 applications or manually switch resetting the login 386 done
750 226 Aliby Attended Transfer: Many hosted SIP protocols will not support Blind Transfer as there is a handover event that most softphones see as an answer on the tranfer line and then drops the call. 385 done
751 212 Lars A option to completly disable the video feature so those video popup windows dont appear everytime a call is recived. 363 done
752 6 Admin video calls 358 done
753 213 Guillaume Option to have the window minimize normally. I have the program pin to my taskbar with windows 7, but when the window minimize, it goes only to the task icon and clicking on the taskbar starts a second conflicting instance. 356 done
754 230 YAGrand Hello. When an incoming call, the pop-up window not shows the name and number of the caller. Even if the caller is in the contact list. Thank you for MicroSip PS Russian language. 323 done
755 257 jaime option to transfer the call to another SIP user inside the same Domain 302 done
756 243 Alex I am blind and so I am a screenreader user. When I launch Microsip it starts with the three main tabs, there is no way to get into the window, where I can find the call edit field and the keys for sending DTMF. I'd like to have the ability to klick on the 294 done
757 261 Nuri UTF-8 support in messages. 266 done
758 281 Greg Allow program to handle CALLTO and TEL protocol in browsers. 258 done
759 44 tester option to enable/disable "dump activity log file", in order to save cpu use and disk accesses 246 done
760 13 Urlich Missed calls log 236 done
761 296 Bago Display contact names in the call log tab, for registered contacts, not their numbers. 222 done
762 28 saravak Command switches to start it from a script and call a number!
Usage: "microsip.exe number"
206 done
763 16 JGR Option to select audio hardware for input/output 197 done
764 311 Dink Chrome extension/handler for tel: and sip: (Click to call) 194 done
765 317 RE: Rachel Direct P2P calls ; See Ring (was SFLphone); P2P calls by IP or OpenDHT http://ring.cx/en/news#at-the-heart-of-ring-opendht-a-distributed-hash-table 191 done
766 324 KJ Conferencing 170 done
767 32 tester on incoming calls it rings only 1 time, please keep ringing continuously until call is answered 161 done
768 25 Steve Option for enabling / prioritizing voice codec ? Currently, I am trying to make calls to a polycom phone which supports HD voice. If the Polycom originates the call, 722 is selected. If Microcosip initiates the call, PCM-uLaw is selected. The SDP conta 147 done
769 69 Vartan Separate buttons for 'End' and 'Call'. Currently if you are about to press 'End' and the other party hangs up, your 'End' button becomes 'Call' and you end up ringing them again. 144 done
770 399 Stu Higher bit rates for OPUS Codec. 64kbs or 128kbs would be nice. 142 done
771 21 Mark hold feature 141 done
772 22 Mark transfer call feature 133 done
773 323 Rus2lan Not direct transfer, but allow make call and speak with other number before transfer. Like Number A Hold->Call to B, Speak, hangup-> Number A speak with number B. 133 done
774 335 Jorg I am really looking for an option to do a warm transfer. So i can speak to the party first before i transfer the line. 92 done
775 339 Michele Trying to report an issue but there is no MX record for microsip.org. Thanks!
MX are not mandatory. As per RFC2821, if no MX is found the A record will be used.
82 done
776 63 microsip4ever ringing on different audio device and/or ringing on pc speaker. bloatware x-lite for example can ring on pc speaker under xp. 64 done
777 445 Youri January 2020: the setting for Opus, "maxaveragebitrate=20000" means 8kHz mono bandwidth only, and G.722 sounds better. 50000 would make MicroSIP sound as good as PhonerLite! ;) Thanks! 53 done
778 343 Luke Choose local port instead of "5060" default. Like in version 3.10.5 48 done
779 7 TLS support Please integrate TLS support like CSipSimple 35 done
780 5 Admin instant messaging 27 done
781 35 tester information about codecs and bandwidth in use, for example: "in:G711-64k _ out:GSM-13k" in a status bar, or title bar 23 done
782 11 Pieter DTMF tones while dialling (for wading though call centre menus) 22 done
783 91 Knut Set bitrate for and fine tune video. I've tested h.264 between 2 microsip clients and compared it with 2 Express Talk clients which uses h.263, and Express Talk's video has far better quality over the same lines. 21 done
784 10 Afshin sip proxy 14 done
785 8 Pieter The ability to edit contacts, rather than just add or delete 12 done
786 1 Pieter It would be nice to be able to choose your own sounds from MP3 or WAV 9 done
787 2 Steve option for putting it into an "AUTO-ANSWER" mode 7 done
788 70 Knut In the current version one must use the mouse to use the dialpad. It would be nice to be able to dial with the numeric keys on the computer keyboard. 4 done
789 26 JT Configuration of outgoing port other than 5060 - or at least use another one when the 5060 is occupied by another application (like the Windows Communicator). 2 done
790 31 Guyaume B. Parenteau Automatically removed dash when we enter phone number :) 2 done
791 17 Vineet call without a regsitar or proxy i.e. only endpoints 1 done
792 19 Victor Choose IP address to bind to (and use in SIP messages). 1 done
793 85 w2k Compatible with previous OS, such as windows2000, win98. 706 declined
794 89 RE: Nito Please look: """ Able to have multiple plataform windowsmobile, iphone, android, blackberry """ You can search for Zoiper or Linphone too 657 declined
795 88 Nito An iOS, WP7.5 - 8, and Android App. 626 declined
796 115 amix ActiveX component (scriptable via Windows Script Host). Could place call from other app, could execute programs on local side when called, etc. 510 declined
797 146 noezmeg Symbian apps would be great to support a platform independent. 496 declined
798 225 Chris SIP SDK for Windows phone 8/8.1 would be greatly appreciated especially if it is simple and easy to use with the same functionality of this program. 334 declined

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