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Wish list

# Name Wish Rating
1 Pieter Streamline the interface - get rid of separators & empty space, use buttons instead! (Call Dialpad Contacts) 8851 plus
2 JGR Multiple SIP accounts 7890 plus
3 Vince Option to load LDAP contacts 6218 plus
4 Sega Search within the Contacts (by starting to type the name and the results gradually decrease as one proceeds with typing the name). 5353 plus
5 grommir record calls as mp3 4988 plus
6 tester Hotkeys, for example: "M" to mute microphone, "S" to mute speaker, "Up Arrow" to increase the volume... etc. 3077 plus
7 Torsten Command switch to explicitly start video call to a given number. (e.g. "microsip.exe number /video") 2942 plus
8 Max Video resolution setting. 2542 plus
9 Anon Add IPv6 support 2481 plus
10 tester buttons to activate/deactivate Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction and A.G.C. 2042 plus
11 Vince Any kind of message when you've missed a call (i.e. a flashing icon or something). 1950 plus
12 Max Fullscreen mode for video window (with upscalling). 1945 plus
13 Nikola Possibility to switch among NICs if several physical ethernet interfaces are presented in the system 1944 plus
14 Pieter 'Blacklisting' numbers for inbound calls - straight to voicemail 1886 plus
15 el_es 2. Linux version for GTK or Qt desktop ... 1873 plus
16 Netouch Simple API, or remote control API to integrate in existing infrastructure. Maybe listening TCP port, and receive commands, like call xxxxxxxxxxxxx, endcall, e.t.c. 1855 plus
17 a t http://www.freephoneline.ca VoiceMail Recording! Seems like i can dial *98 but not hear my voice? Anyways probably a codec issue with the message. I like the small size, please make a usb distro, Then i can just boot a key & just make my calls. 1840 plus
18 Chris F Date format in 'Calls' tab is back-to-front. Should be picked up from Windows regional settings, or if that not possible should be configurable. 1836 plus
19 tester support for traffic prioritization, allow QoS signaling, by TOS value, DSCP, service type... 1793 plus
20 Sega MS Outlook Address Book integration to the Contacts. 1750 plus
21 Roman Multiple SIP accounts active in parallel 1713 plus
22 retset option to hot-swap video source without cut the call 1708 plus
23 tester Desktop Sharing 1695 plus
24 Jörg Add webRTC echo canceller like csipsimple did: http://code.google.com/p/csipsimple/source/detail?r=995 1680 plus
25 User Dial and caller ID quick log viewer 1658 plus
26 retset option to pause sending video stream and even completely stops it without call ends (start/stop/pause video during a call) 1656 plus
27 Bipin level indicators for mic and speaker 1624 plus
28 Anon Add NAT-PMP or UPnP support as STUN sometimes doesn't work well. 1604 plus
29 retset allow asimetrical bandwidth & video communication e.g. sending h264 and receiving h263, add option to completely disable sending a specific video compression (only at sending, not on receiving) 1602 plus
30 whisher Please add hotkey from all MicroSIP windows (messages, local video, remote video....etc. ) by pressing "ESC" at keyboard: calls must end 1537 plus
31 Keyvan Tardast great little devil ^_^ please keep GUI simple. and few steps away from perfect *** 1- auto hangup (and perhaps auto close the call window)(and you can move this window in 3rd tab of main window) *** 2- PC speakers ring (good for ppl away from PC)*** 3- 1512 plus
32 Beat We. Contacts: Option to define Groups 1510 plus
33 Mark area to change status message 1499 plus
34 Supporter Merging Dialpad/ Contacts buttons into one. The label shown would be for the inactive selection. 1485 plus
35 carlos "Push to Talk" aka "Press To Transmit", very useful on multi-party conferences (microphone permanently muted is only enabled while pressing a key: usually "Ctrl") the only method 100% effective to avoid echoes and other unwanted noises 1479 plus
36 Knut Multiple sip accounts (at least 2) and the possibility to specify for each contact which sip account should be used 1468 plus
37 Sam If you have 2 or more calls, switch to conference with all callers. 1453 plus
38 Earl Would like to see a sister program: MicroXMPP for Jabber protocol. Should include ZRTP with SASL confirmation similar to JITSI. 1446 plus
39 StanleyV Adding command line for the name and location of the configuration file "microsip.ini". Example 1: MicroSIP.exe /i:microsip402.ini. Example 2: MicroSIP.exe /i:folder402\microsip.ini. MicroSIP I use for testing multiple SIP accounts and is fantastic! 1437 plus
40 Roman Add option for developers: print pure sip incoming/outgoing sip messages to message window during call. 1425 plus
41 Brett Allow null audio device to be set for pjsip (-99). Useful if PC does not have a microphone plugged in and you just need audio output for PA applications. 1419 plus
42 Alain Support of picking up another ringing extension. e.g.: by sending *8# 1416 plus
43 cAroed group calls 1416 plus
44 Machi Play sound when instant message receive and if message window not on top. Show message window on task bar. I never know if anybody send me a message if i have open another program. tnx 1401 plus
45 asioboy asio4microsip please read ! http://pastebin.com/mSi5R5wA 1395 plus
46 zsll2 Option to disable focus stealing of action (IM) window when auto answer is on. 1391 plus
47 Paul O Default audio hardware selection mode to choose Windows Default Communication Devices over Default playback/recording devices. http://tinyurl.com/7lcucuq 1386 plus
48 Dominic Great project, thanks so much! But would love distinctive ringing please! So you can have different ringtones for different contacts. 1384 plus
49 retset option to view local or remote video during a call (or picture in picture with local video of small size on a corner) 1383 plus
50 tester sending and receiving files of unlimited size 1382 plus
51 Beat We. Option to define a default outside line prefix (e.g. 0) to get an outside line, which is added automatically to all entered numbers > len(x) where x in our case would be 5 digits 1366 plus
52 Axel Send DTMF with command line parameter. We need this to control Sipgate Team a web-based voip solution. 1358 plus
53 Sushil Support of Require:100rel in 180 message (fully provisional acknowledgment support) 1353 plus
54 Stu E Add an automatic reconnect option for calls that drop for some reason. 1351 plus
55 Julian Unregister from SIP server/Away/Redirect to voicemail when Windows screen saver is on or lock screen has been activated. 1349 plus
56 amix Use Windows contacts. Should solve importing from Google, etc., too, since it can act as a bridge. 1345 plus
57 Giuseppe Flag to remove ringtone 1338 plus
58 RE: grommir record calls as SPX which can be played with VLC which is used by everyone. We use SPEEX to optimize VoIP calls so why not for recording as well?! see the difference in size with same speech quality hackerpublicradio.org/syndication.php 1337 plus
59 lol please make it possible to passthrough call data to a commodore c64 so finally i can log my calls. :) 1334 plus
60 whisher please, add minimize button on messages window, please remove close button from it, when I want to get away from the midst that annoying window for me, communication is cut off 1323 plus
61 RE: tester RE: sending and receiving files of unlimited size (generate a .torrent and use the generated file with a regular bit-torrent client, using a tracker or the DHT method) 1322 plus
62 choices please add option to set framerate for sending video, 10fps,15fps or 18fps is enough, and it saves bandwidth, very useful for slow internet lines like mine, setting video frame size is also desirable 1314 plus
63 Jose Ability to select contacts from a dropdown menu or similar from call transfer dialog. 1307 plus
64 Druify Improved screenreader accessibility: Edit boxes assigned to correct labels in Account dialog; Apart from suggested hotkeys, possibility to reach any object with tab/shift tab for dialog elements and ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab for switching tab controls. 1304 plus
65 tim Add audio codec G723.1 1304 plus
66 Michal P Make Windows 8 Modern UI version (and make simple like current version), dont make it for free, be the first in the store and be rich my dear developer! (your first customer) 1297 plus
67 Vasily A way to transfer calls. Blind transfer is very old fashioned and not very useful these days. More friendly interface. 1296 plus
68 Jared Savage Alternative ringer if already in a call (silent?) 1286 plus
69 MIT Hide Phone Number When Making a Call 1274 plus
70 Robo Notify missed calls, change tray icon when have missed call, flash icon or display number of missed calls (like PopTray). 1269 plus
71 Pero under account settings, additional parameter for setting re-register time in seconds (default=300s). 1263 plus
72 tim Add G723.1 1259 plus
73 Marce Cz Enable "Skins" option for MicroSIP to change the layout. 1255 plus
74 Bars Automatic detection and switching audio when connecting a Bluetooth headset, the other headset, and the same - to the first in the list of audio devices when you disconnect. List of priority of audio devices to use depending on their avaliability. 1255 plus
75 booBot ZRTP (RFC 6189) support for call encryption. 1249 plus
76 rus7 Please, make option "auto answer" as follows: auto answer after N calls. 1248 plus
77 Mario Can be useful to have an AnswerMachine that auto answer and play a wave file at the phone caller, for example a welcome message with informations and after the message caller can record a message. Thank you for this stable and well done software! 1246 plus
78 Shaun Snap windows for resize and positioning (to themselves and edge of screen). 1245 plus
79 Khoa Pham Support ICE and TURN 1238 plus
80 Simon The incoming call pop-up window to be 'always on top' like the main application window can be. At current it gets lost behind my active window. :( 1231 plus
81 darkgerion Archiving messages (file) 1229 plus
82 vxed Option for disable history of calls 1228 plus
83 Mochammad Effendi I need group contact, like Family, Fren, Work etc. Thanks ME 1226 plus
84 Mit I Would like to have Media Encryption with RC4 or other Types. 1225 plus
85 Christian Add some version information (possible locations: bottom of the settings page or maybe add a separate about dialog) 1217 plus
86 Youri Please, add G726 codec. It is in PJSIP lib/plugins section. If you need in reference implementation here is the source codes: http://www.codeforge.com/dlpre/8930/45d6badd00df.rar__.html 1213 plus
87 Bobby Highwe bitrate codecs like FLAC or OGG for high quality audio between two softphones. Reason: Radio station remotes. 1212 plus
88 salaros Add the possibility to prepend prefix to ANY number before actually calling it. In my case it's '0'. i.e. 800900800 => 0800900800 P.S. with the exception of "internal" numbers (other PBX users on the network), maybe via an exception list. 1207 plus
89 Ryan Be able to auto answer only specific extensions, so that intercom functionality is available without auto-answering outside calls 1207 plus
90 frank do not disturb DND feature support 1201 plus
91 Lucasinc Command switches to pick-up incoming call 1196 plus
92 Alex Please add support for the Opus Codec. 1196 plus
93 anon Close to tray. I have reverted back to 3.3.14 because it's too easy to exit the phone now. Minimize button is nice but why change the close button behavior? 1189 plus
94 Pedja Is it possible to have some kind of password when MicroSIP is set to autoanswer mode? I would like to be able to limit calls to autoanswer MicroSIP ony to few known people. 1185 plus
95 tomash auto provisioning via http 1179 plus
96 Yuz Miss Call notification in system tray. 1172 plus
97 Riaan Olivier Possibility to register against a specific VLAN ID and QoS number. require softphone to be given its own IP address 1166 plus
98 alvin martin notice in icon tray when a chat came in or a call you missed. Like maybe a color change from blue to green or red. 1166 plus
99 Jason Use account name instead of sip url in the menu so that it's straight-forward which account to switch to when there are multiple accounts 1166 plus
100 Mike Please make "close to tray" configurable. I hate the systray full of icons of running applications but I get that there are people who prefer it that way. Simple option in ini would be sufficient, no UI needed. ;) 1165 plus
101 Steven Option to allow DTMF tones to last for a certain length of time, useful for navigating options/menus when call quality is low. Optionally tie tone length to press and release of keys/mouse. 1163 plus
102 Christian Update call log from address book: If you add a number from the call log to the address book, replace all entries of that number by the address book entry (number -> name) 1161 plus
103 alvin have Ringing Sound setting like this ..\MicroSIP\ringin.wav so you do not have to keep making this setting when you use this phone portable. 1160 plus
104 Xsmael Run an executable on incomming call, and pass arguments to it(id,name,phone number...). You can also improve it by adding "events" managment, i mean, describe some events and let the user chose a program to launch whenever this event occurs, again some pa 1157 plus
105 DSJ Please create Metro app in Windows 8 (arm surface). See the design of csipsimple tablet version. 1152 plus
106 Evgeny Please add RTCP-XR support 1152 plus
107 frank support BLF (MIME type dialog-info accordingly to RFC 4235),A patch had made by Максим Кондратенко to pjsip. 1150 plus
108 Javier I would like to add OPUS audio codec which is top1 nowadays, and in Privacy the ZRTP encryption 1149 plus
109 adrian Option to hide offline contacts 1148 plus
110 Andrei record calls NOT as mp3, but AS IS, encoded with used codec (gsm, Speex etc.) 1141 plus
111 Pierre Put Option to show or not Incomming call Window. With cmdIncommingCall give caller Name plz 1139 plus
112 frank dynamic switch from different input devices when in video call session. e.g from color bar to usb camera or vice versa . 1136 plus
113 Toha Save contact from the number in call list 1135 plus
114 Artem COM object to use Microsip in other applications 1135 plus
115 Joop Add a column "Contact" to the calls list. This shows the name from the contacts list if it is found. 1133 plus
116 Jan Sebosik Option to specify portrange for rtp/UDP (and maybe also for SIP) 1133 plus
117 Jon When Make Active is checked, would be nice if the client automatically reactivated/reregisters if the network connection is lost and resumed again (e.g. resuming from sleep, etc.). Currently, I have to toggle this manually. 1132 plus
118 Michael Schelin Text Messaging - Vertical list for message phone numbers (instead of horizontal tabs) 1121 plus
119 zth support for snapshot of remote in a call,and save it as .jpg 1117 plus
120 Bob Can you include Opus codec for high quality stereo transmission? 1114 plus
121 Lelio When in single call mode, allow to hangup via command line with "Microsip.exe /h"; also allow to place an "hangup and then call" command like "Microsip.exe /h 12345". A possible fix at http://www.leliodellapietra.it/microsip.txt 1113 plus
122 Werner Ability to past numbers with dashes and parentheses. I tried to paste a number like 06-12345678, but nothing happened. Until I removed the dash and tried to copy-paste again. Please add a filter to remove all non numeric characters (except +) when pasting 1111 plus
123 FL More security: 1. Optionally, the account password could be entered at application startup time. 2. A password to lock the phone. 1107 plus
124 Refrain VP8 or VP9 video codec. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VP9 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VP8 1104 plus
125 Marius Group contacts by groups. PS. cantact email has to few characters. 1104 plus
126 Stefano Bluetooth management. Actually if connected a BT headset, the audio channel rimains active or you have to manage it manually. It could be useful to activate it only when needed (as Bluesoleil BT stack does). 1102 plus
127 mv Playback of remote DTMF tones during call. (These are often used as confirmation to IVR actions and so on) 1096 plus
128 Carlo optional "incoming call window in center of screen" 1092 plus
129 Alex Add Description/Tag field to accounts just for identification purposes. Very use full if keep switching accounts all the time. Thank you. Your effords are greatly appreciated. 1092 plus
130 Yann Loud speaker button : a button that will output the sound to the "ringing device". This way you can put your converstaion on loud speaker (when waiting for a person to asnwer or doing a conf call with others in the room). Please ad it in the "Tab view of 1090 plus
131 telephoner Full DTMF keypad including DTMF-tones A, B, C and D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual-tone_multi-frequency_signaling 1081 plus
132 jason complete contact URI in 200ok,It is now sip:ip:port, should be sip:user:ip:port. 1060 plus
133 tommy support for snapshot to jpg 1056 plus
134 Francisco Option to import and export contacts. 1050 plus
135 Alex Please make it possible to visualize missed calls. (Windows 7) 1046 plus
136 Knut Configure which RDP ports to use 1045 plus
137 Cat Recognize the header 'Reason: SIP ;cause=200 ;text="Call completed elsewhere"'. When a call to MicroSip is canceled because the call is answered by an other client we still get a "call aborted" status in MicroSips call list. Asterisk and others send it. 1045 plus
138 R Is it possible to specify the directory XML MicroSIP disable checkbox "Presence subscription" for each contact? 1042 plus
139 Refrain Opus adio codec. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opus_%28audio_format%29 1042 plus
140 Ray Set RTP port please. 1035 plus
141 Andreas M. Use the Windows Contacts (or equivalent) API for addressbook. Autocomplete names or numbers from there. 1027 plus
142 Gloria At least for me is almost perfect. You could add a call recorder and maybe an option for put a custom on-hold music xd. tx 1024 plus
143 Johen Option to start multiple MicroSIP instances for testing some features across SIP-server. 1024 plus
144 Refrain Settings:start the program minimized to tray. 1020 plus
145 Travis Already been said, but recording calls into audio file. Any audio file that is not too large file size. Contact me on my email, I will be willing to offer you money for your time to implement this. 1013 plus
146 Guy implement RCC (Remote Call control) features for use with eg bluetooth connected Jabra headsets 1013 plus
147 Tommy M. 10 digit dialing. configurable default country code, etc. 1012 plus
148 Norbert Import contacts from vCard and csv, maybe directly from google. The only thing that prevents me from using microsip for now... 1012 plus
149 Bill How to Disable Contacts tab or the messaging functionality. 1009 plus
150 Vlad CallerID copy in clipboard. 1008 plus
151 zane call with a predial injection like S0 1008 plus
152 Adrian Can't see any option after installation to make microsip start automatically when windows starts. 1005 plus
153 marcin I wish that the program could be set the maximum number of incoming calls, eg 3,4,5 maximum at one time. The radio stations when broadcast live at one point calling 50 people, the program crashes. It's nice to be able to when this limit. Thank you very mu 1002 plus
154 telephoner Place a note on the webpage that "With WineBottler 1.7.16 from http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ MicroSIP does actually also work on Intel based Macs." – Even if you don't grant any support and don't guarantee for anything. 999 plus
155 Alex Changing Soundcards without disconnecting. 993 plus
156 Sascha 1s pause DTMF tone. By ',' or 'p' delimiter for example. Would be awesome! 991 plus
157 kk Add option to change key translated to #, and work it in input field 990 plus
158 cbm ZRTP please 989 plus
159 Marcio Incoming text message sound is the feature I mostly miss on MicroSIP. Intranet text messages are one of the main uses of MicroSIP here, and we miss very much a sound that signals when a new text message has come. 988 plus
160 Martin C Support for the Call-Info Header as per RFC3261 section 20.9 I would be nice so we can send a JPG url to the phone to display it before answering the call. 988 plus
161 el_es 4. Option for the CallerID display to remain visible (with timeout or not) if other device of the same extension picked up the call; Button to copy the incoming CallerID to clipboard. 988 plus
162 loukas DND option 986 plus
163 ar Please add MPEG Layer 2 codec for high quality audio. With MPEG Layer 2, you can connect to a IP Codec device for broadcasting and transfer high quality audio between remote locations or studios. There is no freeware softphone that supports MPEG layer 2. 986 plus
164 Hassan The ability to customize the packetization time (ptime), e.g. 10ms, 20ms, 30ms. 985 plus
165 Alex Allow option to prevent the main window from popping up when calls are received. The window should remain unseen the entire session. 979 plus
166 Ken Better handling of “speaker” and “microphone” devices to automatically use Bluetooth headset when connected and speakers when not connected. 978 plus
167 Francisco Button to access camera settings. 977 plus
168 Davie J Auto provisioning server, have a central server and use codes or keys to provision clients 977 plus
169 chrml import/export vCard format (vcf) https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6350 975 plus
170 Wesley Chapman Allow user to configure different code than ** for call pickup code and group pickup code. In our implementation the code is *8 + ext. 973 plus
171 atz Auto-Answer (All calls) button switch on dialpad panel 972 plus
172 Matt Welborn Allow clickable URLs in SIP Messaging. I'd like to be able to send links via SIP Messaging to the call window and have them clickable and open in the default browser. 966 plus
173 tester 2 essentials missing features to have is an automatic audio recording or a toggle button to start record in a call. Also I would like to have a little sound wave bar display on the Dialpad for the Microphone and Sound so I can see and know the audio is ac 965 plus
174 Hassan Add a button to switch from one codec to another during the call e.g. from G711 to G729 if connection starts going down, then MicroSIP should send a re-INVITE to the remote party with the new codec. 963 plus
175 Francisco Option to make conferences like eyebean with or without video. 962 plus
176 MZYChina Define DTMF digits sends as in-band DTMF,or can be selected. 959 plus
177 roman from yandex.ru We use Microsip as contanct center agent softphone. ~ 3000 agent. 3rd party call coltrol has been done in microsip, but it is not standar metod. Need bria metod to automatic answer call from SIP server, it is standart de facto. 958 plus
178 P M Regarding User State. I would like to see a drop-down box that highlights our user state, so that, we would be able to see if we are Available, in Training, on Break, etc. Currently, when the status is changed, it only shows at the bottom of the page and 958 plus
179 Alex Ability to register multiple accounts concurrently for use with platforms such as Vicidial which may be composed of multiple asterisk servers. 956 plus
180 el_es 3. Have the wish entry window count characters remaining ;) 956 plus
181 michael Bug with SIP | INVITE SDP: m=audio 4004 RTP/AVP 8 0 18 101 m=video 4008 RTP/AVP 99 98 | 200 OK SDP: m=audio 4004 RTP/AVP 8 0 18 101 | But SIP RFC must: m=audio 4004 RTP/AVP 8 0 18 101 m=video 0 RTP/AVP 99 98 956 plus
182 Yann Colours :) - GREEN = Answer & Call - RED = Decline (Eventually icons for the same buttons) 954 plus
183 Sergei Support USB SkypePhone (Buttons, Ringer) 951 plus
184 Darko VLAN tagging. It should have virtual NIC built in that you can put on different VLAN. This way it segregate the traffic between data and voice. This is possible with physical voip phones. It should be possible with software phones (SIP) clients as well. I 950 plus
185 Hoang Nguyen Group chat 948 plus
186 florian Settings-Option to deactivate the auto-away feature. 946 plus
187 el_es 1. SIP Originate : tell your Asterisk PBX to ring your desk phone, you pick up the handset and then the PBX dials out to the number, on behalf of your extension; Like SIPTAPI but without dialer.exe 945 plus
188 Однократный зумер MicroSIP-3.11.0 при получении вызова происходит однократный звонок и вызов остается а звука нет. Откатил на предыдущую версию - там все нормально. 941 plus
189 Carlos Add option to "Register every X segonds" in account properties 935 plus
190 Suraj keyboard shortcut for microphone mute. mute button to go red when enabled. mini interface (always on top) with mute, speaker and hangup buttons. 927 plus
191 Lospejos Plugins API support to be able to make plugins - f.e. events handler (inbound call, outbound call, status changed) etc. 926 plus
192 Bago Lookup incoming phone number on tellows and/or phone number to name lookup services (or maybe the excerpt of the first result of a google search for that number). 916 plus
193 Elis Disable ring-window on top 914 plus
194 Peter TLS keypinning 910 plus
195 Cleverton Option to remove the "Close" button on the incoming call pop-up. If I close the pop-up using the Close button, MicroSIP doesn't rejects the call, but also don't show up the screen again to the agent, even if the PBX logs shows the call ringing on agt ext. 906 plus
196 Vadim XCAP for Contact list Load/Save 855 plus
197 myself This MicroSIP phone has no instructions for setting it up, nothing, just technical garble on the help page. The first thing it says on the help page is this: "Your account SIP server." WHAT about an account SIP server? Why are there no instruction anywher 849 plus
198 Johan An option to set automatic updates for new stable versions. 845 plus
199 Goran Configurable User Agent string (just like CSipSimple for android allows). Lots of VoIP Service Providers only allow certain User Agents using a whitelist. 842 plus
200 Tim open a URL when there is an incoming call. Example www.example.com/contact.ph?number=31523234 835 plus
201 Pavel Option to disable only local DTMF sounds when dialing. 834 plus
202 Yuri Option for window "Incoming Call" behavior. Since 3.10.2 it always popup. Before was more predictable: Popup if minimized, flash bar if has no focus 831 plus
203 Andy "hangup" Parameter over command line (CMD) 816 plus
204 Ahmed better integration in the app of the attended transfert. The use of this function is not clear at all 808 plus
205 GF Replace strings in the numbers before actually calling to fix special characters that cause problems: "+49(0)" -> "0"; or "/" -> "" 789 plus
206 Bill Miller Silent Installer 777 plus
207 Xavier Assignable shortcut to answer/hangup a call, e.g. defined to answer call with headset button play/pause. 774 plus
208 Jim Hunt Ability to play an audio file such as music or a spoken message over the line to a caller when a call is placed on hold. Example of file could be hold.wav. 774 plus
209 icbnsys Provide selectable screen size for video. 771 plus
210 Karen Option: server TLS certificate verification by the microsip client. 761 plus
211 icbnsys MicroSIP crashes after resuming PC from sleep state. Appreciate for a fix. 747 plus
212 PRIHLOP record calls as amr 736 plus
213 MAX ability to execute the cmdIncomingCall also on rejected call 729 plus
214 Justin Search in the recent calls, like matching a string|number within the in/out call, not just matching what is typed sequentially 722 plus
215 the man please add quality options (sample rate etc.) for opus. 722 plus
216 icbnsys H.263+ video comapatibility with zoiper. 713 plus
217 Ardy Multiple concurrent calls with the ability to switch between or conference them. 713 plus
218 Ahmed Put an attended transfer button in the Dialer or in the Transfer window. Because if we don't use the messageDlg window we can't do an attended transfer. Thank you! 702 plus
219 Donkay function to call url with call parameters on incoming call. Configurable from GUI even or config file. 689 plus
220 Simon A feature which either mutes my ring, or better still executes a call sequence (to set voicemail on/off) when my machine is either locked or in screen-saver mode. When I am away people have to sit and listen to my missed calls ring and ring ... 687 plus
221 Matt Add central logging of all chat sessions 686 plus
222 Mikhail Hi! Can we launch microsip from the browser? For example by clicking on the number in the webpage with some url like my_app_stream://do_it?param=89031328617 . Do you have a protocol like this? 680 plus
223 Tiago Geada Ability to add a dialplan prefix. For instance, when I call a contact I should be able to prepend 0 (or any other configured exten) to be able to dial to the outside line. For us we get the call from 9 digits callerid, but we need to add 00 to make a 680 plus
224 Jose Raul Being able to speak before transferring the call 678 plus
225 Markus Support for Windows 10 Push Notifications to enable wakeup from S0ix (Modern Standby) sleep state. 676 plus
226 trevor Conference call. Option to import contacts 676 plus
227 icbnsys Option for call forward unconditional; voice only but not for text messaging. 675 plus
228 Simon Curry Ability to dial using DTMF on the audio input, allows for some RoIP functions 674 plus
229 konstantinos the codecs needed do not appear on the left side of the settings screen so i m not able to be heard when i speak to the caller i need to enable G729/8000/1 POMA/8000/1 AND POMU/8000/1 WHAT SHOULD I DO 673 plus
230 Ahmed Can you put the src of the last version: MicroSIP-3.12.1-src.7z on the website? thank you 670 plus
231 Alex From Germany Please add a accessible way to change codecs from available to active. It is impossible for screenreader users. 661 plus
232 Richard A scripts triggered on call events So you can connect other software or database to micro sip. Incoming call ---> Script -->> 3party software (i.e. Showing order/ticket history of the caller ) 655 plus
233 Max Should pass virustotal test("Windows Defender detects and removes this threat") 651 plus
234 Ahmed Create a community where developers like me and a lot of people, can ask and answer to questions. It's a great open source project and a lot of people can contribute. Thank you! 649 plus
235 YS enable to redial,call waiting, call forwarding.. 646 plus
236 Bartek Can you add option search (ctrl+f) on the calls by numbers? 644 plus
237 Aleksey Please add screen sharing. Very useful option. 643 plus
238 Jonovich Please, make possibility of group of contacts in the list 641 plus
239 Admin Option: Close/Minimize to tray 641 plus
240 Sergei I wish to remove the echo. When I call on a mobile phone my companion can hear himself even when the echo cancellation is on. 637 plus
241 alexpq Windows 8.1 Prof. The problem with access from hibernation - Error 636 plus
242 MrNobody Migrate a contact list from one to an other device without overwriting whole lists. [BTW - your "Contact email" box is to small. So my actual adress dont fit in there ;)] 628 plus
243 Ilya When connected to two network interfaces, mikrosip not correctly determine the correct interface, although the telephony server and the correct interface on the same subnet. 624 plus
244 Marcel Column for comments in call history 616 plus
245 Luciano Tres Use Ducking Experience of Windows. See the link: https://msdn.microsoft.com/pt-br/library/windows/desktop/dd316773(v=vs.85).aspx 614 plus
246 Ahmed Why RinginDlg still appear if we are already in a call and we receive a new one. Can you create a "Super Single Mode" So when we are already in a communication we don't receive a new one. 613 plus
247 Memo speaker phone button (change between audio interfaces) 606 plus
248 Jarmo Show Diversion info. see: https://andrewjprokop.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/an-introduction-to-the-sip-diversion-header/ 606 plus
249 Simox wish for shell command to start/end a call :) 596 plus
250 aUser File: "MicroSIP-3.12.8.zip" is infected with "Trojan:Win32/Fethar.B!cl"! Remove this! 585 plus
251 aUser File: "MicroSIP-3.14.0.zip" is infected with "Trojan:Win32/Varpes.M!cl"! Remove this! 577 plus
252 Simpa There is already command line option for /answer and /hangupall, please also do it for /decline so we can decline from commandline 572 plus
253 Andrej avoid windows dns cashing to enable DNS failover with 2 or more IPs for sip server domain name + smart detecting which IP works well and which is down 561 plus
254 Memo caldav contact list 558 plus
255 Fle A lot more command line functions. * microsip /AccountName /SMS number text (microsip /mysip1 /SMS +3312345678 "my simple text#regards xxx" * /AccountName -> If no one specified use the active one * In SMS mode token for new line can be a # or other 556 plus
256 Jonathan If account name is set (in accounts in 3.14.3+), then make it show in "Menu" dropdown, rather than [email protected] 555 plus
257 Michael Make the menu selectable by keyboard. [CTRL+TAB] left to right, [CTRL+SHIFT+TAB] right to left to switch or with the [ALT] and underlined letter and the arrow-keys. 553 plus
258 Dario Would be great if you offer a .MSI to install MicroSIP. 549 plus
259 Javier Chacon Feature Key, this option help users to programing any feature normaly use in PBX y diffrent keys, examples: Hot Line internal and external, BLF Monitoring, Conference, Transfer, Redial, Voice Mail, Call Forward etc. 549 plus
260 ofc.geek should be able to pass commandline option to the current running instance rather than an error message. 544 plus
261 Oleg I want to group contacts. Accounting, management, sales, IT, etc. 544 plus
262 Xavier Have the possibility to run an external program for missed calls. 538 plus
263 Thomas Please add x64 versions. 533 plus
264 Javier Chacon IAX2 Support with full features. 531 plus
265 Alexander Option to load MySQL contacts 512 plus
266 larriec Multiple active SIP registrations, the same as a standard multiline IP desktop phone. Love the product but only 1 active account is killing it for me. 511 plus
267 Xavier Make a quick shortcut for end call button by adding & before the E of End call, allowing the button to be pressed by alt+e (usefull for screenreader users) 506 plus
268 Jonathan Allow duplication / cloning of an existing account . 506 plus
269 Javier Chacon BLF, Busy Line Field. This feature help user to monitoring other extension, is usual for recepcionist. 501 plus
270 alekbo enable start with windows 500 plus
271 RaFi a simple Lua binding to enable scripting facility. Alternately, Python would be nice too, but probably implies much more work. 494 plus
272 wolf Dial Plan.I would like to see a dial plan, similar to that found in xlite. My company requires dial 9 to make an exteranl call, and with a dial plan, I can do that automatically. 493 plus
273 Javier Chacon Server 1, Server 2, Proxy 1, Proxy 2. This option help users in case of Voip Server Fails, to find second option. This feature is present in ip phones from Nortel. 492 plus
274 RaFi on the command line, an /answer parameter to answer incoming call would be nice (similar to existing /hangupall). It would enable programmable headsets, mices and the like to take calls. 492 plus
275 alexx is there going to be an msi version? 484 plus
276 Michael Remove this bug: At least with version 3.15.4 I can call only to normal phones. When I call a voip-no, the call will end automatically after one secund. At version 3.15.1 I can make calls longer then 1 secund. I didn't changed any configuration. 483 plus
277 Xavier Display account name in systray popup. Great in case of multiple instance of microsip running. 482 plus
278 Javier Chacón Fax T38 protocol, Inband-passthrough, with printer driver pluging. Linux, Windows and Mac OSX 481 plus
279 NaTaKa Support for call button on Headsets, Specially "Logitech H650e" the "in call LED" would be nice too :D 479 plus
280 Cezary BLF / presence support for Resource list (eventlist) as per RFC 4662 476 plus
281 Eugene I think it would be great to have an opportunity to save two or more numbers in one contact. 474 plus
282 سلطان الزمن نيالا سوق المواشى 473 plus
283 Javier Chacon QoS, in Layer II and Layer III. VLAN Support. 472 plus
284 Ahmed Connect to 2 accounts or more simultaneously (like double sim card cellulars) 458 plus
285 Artem Auto update option. 451 plus
286 Jeronimo17 Information about codecs and bandwidth in use in "Single Call Mode" 442 plus
287 Javier Chacón IAX2 Protocol Support 441 plus
288 Shane Allow SIP to always be on top for Windows 10. I updated from Windows 7 and now the application does not float even though selected. 440 plus
289 Javier Chacón Message Wainting Lamp Key 433 plus
290 Rafa Import/Export contacts 429 plus
291 Martyn Be able to configure the port that Microsip should use for sending and recieving calls from, instead of a random port being used if 5060 is used. 428 plus
292 Jeronimo17 Little wait between requests, this saturates some servers, could be configurable the wait? And also the presence timeout? Thank you 415 plus
293 Javier Chacón Linux .DEB packages, only 64bits please!!!!! 414 plus
294 Pieter Microsip popping up whenever there's a network disruption is useless. Add option: 'Don't bring to front on disconnect' 413 plus
295 alekbo theme support or enable dark theme 409 plus
296 Victor Peralta Provisioning via TFTP config file downloaded from server set by DHCP Option 66 like many other hardphones. Use primary network interface MACADDRESS as unique identifier. 404 plus
297 Javier Chacón Consultative Call Transfer 402 plus
298 Frédéric Founier Automatically lower the microphone gain if too much clipping is detected. 401 plus
299 Walid Moghrabi Sound on remote hangup. When the communication is closed from the remote (not by you), then you ear no sound so if the MicroSIP window is not visible, you don't know if the call has ended. A little "beep" sound would suffice but at least something wou 398 plus
300 ek recording pls. it will be really nice feature. 397 plus
301 ek there is small error in ur programme. when u execute in command line with phone number the programme called automaticly. yes its correct. but if the microsip is working that time the command line doesnt work anymore. it should call the number i believe. 397 plus
302 Bernhard Support for Windows 10 Mobile as Windows Store App (i.e. with Desktop Bridge). 394 plus
303 Tom I use voip.ms as my provider. When someone calls me from an ATT cell phone provider, it does not ring on my computer. A non ATT cell phone works like a charm. Please fix if the problem is with microsip. 392 plus
304 Step Google Kontakte integration --> Android contacts are automatically added to microSIP 387 plus
305 Jon Pawley Ring Device / Speaker / Microphone settings are not honoured when the system's audio devices are changed. Using Windows 10. I use a headset when on the phone, and also have desktop speakers that I use when listening to music/radio. Occasionally I'll us 386 plus
306 运维人员 希望能增加一个账号导出功能,我在公司的电脑里增加了120多个账号,但是找不到如何将这些账号导出,然后在别的计算机上安装客户端后可以将账号文件导入。 373 plus
307 Jason "blind mode" so no popups occur. Great when a PC is used as a "page only" interface - we use one on our warehouse PC to page warehouse speakers. 371 plus
308 Thomas Since last windows 10 update I always get a "parser memory problem" notification when I try to make a call and no call is happening. Can you fix that bug? 370 plus
309 Walid Moghrabi Limit max number of simultaneous calls. When you're in a call and you receive another one, you get a popup where you can accept or refuse the new call. In some situation, we don't even want that and want to limit our users to 1 call at a time. Having 361 plus
310 Greg Easy way to disable ringing sounds and keyboard tone 348 plus
311 Anton Silent Mode (silent=1 in config ini file) becomes silent=0 after use of GUI and you must to set it to 1 again every time. Don't think it must change this setting by itself. Thank you. 328 plus
312 Jeronimo17 Force termination of calls, sometimes does not let the call hang and you have to close the program 325 plus
313 nars option to enable/disable the 200% mic/speaker amplify that is currently always enabled 319 plus
314 pavithran open microsip calling is not allowed 306 plus
315 Wagner Skins! Similar to what we did with WinAmp 302 plus
316 Anton Not to crash in case when you search something in thelephone book and get a call. 300 plus
317 David Enable support for FEC (Forward Error Correction) when using the Opus Codec 300 plus
318 Milan Jaký příkaz cmdCallStar = ????????????? cmdCallStar = http:\\domena.lan?number=%CallerNumber% name=%CallerDisplayName% 296 plus
319 pfs Pressing Ctrl+X shouldn't close the program. I tried cutting a phone number from the dialpad (by pressing Ctrl+X) and to my surprise the program disappeared. non-standard behavior for Windows applications. 287 plus
320 Lloyd We would very much like to order a custom build of your Softphone app. Please would you contact me and advise on the process. Thank you 285 plus
321 Mike Configurable XML to toggle visibility of all features. Eg 'send crash report' checkbox - if I didn't want users in my office to check this off due to strict confidentiality, I wouldn't want to run the risk of any users checking this off by accident. 283 plus
322 Boris cmd command to change option: Make Active / Make Inactive (for when a person goes to lunch / returns from lunch etc.) 271 plus
323 RODRIGO BORGES Dear. I found the microsip software fantastic. I have some doubts. If you can help me, I'll be grateful. Can you import the contacts using a .csv file for example? Is it possible to pull from the server (Elastix 2.5) all the registered extensi 270 plus
324 Grommir enregistrer les appels en mp3 268 plus
325 Jan How to use Shortcuts? Jan 268 plus
326 LogicalNZ 5 Buttons down the side that can be user defined, IE could be used for BLF, Speeddial, Voicemail or Group pickup. Add tab on top to define buttons. 268 plus
327 tomecki Please make moving codec and set priority accessible for blind people. 268 plus
328 Антон Набор номера с разрешения .bat 268 plus
329 Matias Almeida Add BLF Availability display on Shortcut buttons 266 plus
330 Boris When doing the transfer. Ability or option to "send" caller number to the one I am transfering to. 261 plus
331 Elis possibility to disable window focus on top for incoming call 257 plus
332 Romas Google extension 257 plus
333 Jason A running total of call number and talk time for a selected period of time. 252 plus
334 denser "Unable to find default audio device" - error while RDP session try to call. You made render in RDP, but in RDP wont work even dial. 248 plus
335 VadimS Add support HTML in messaging (SIP/SIMPLE). 247 plus
336 Luis ini file configuration to enable or disable dialpad interface buttons (for example, disable the "Dial" button) 243 plus
337 Vladimir When using "directory of users" setting, manually added contacts are deleted. Even if contact is added after the list has been populated from server, manual (local) contacts are deleted on next refresh. 242 plus
338 Mark It would be nice to save the contact list to share with other users or move to a new computer 240 plus
339 Ron Make shortcuts set to Call also do BLF (presence) 240 plus
340 Greg Fix display issues on hidpi displays introduced with 3.17- menu bar vertically truncated, numbers, letters and symbols/icons on dial pad are tiny. 239 plus
341 Kile record calls as mp3. 237 plus
342 Jacy Listening on multiple/all SIP accounts for incoming calls in parallel. Not just on the currently active one. 231 plus
343 BNG MicroSIP for Windows 10 Phone/ Mobile please 230 plus
344 Mickael Add an option to activate/desactivate the "bip" when the call ends 229 plus
345 Vladimir When initiating phone call, have option to select which account it calls from if multiple accounts added. 228 plus
346 Tobias Bring code to github. I am very eager to contribute to microsip since it is a great piece of software and would be very happy to see it on github. 228 plus
347 Lutz add "G.711 HD" codec 223 plus
348 Ettore There is a bug with long pwd they got changed once saved (try this one 0a66ba9e08e733246f87ac02af174c5c9b0653cd3b5a130b57811ffccc07047b ) 220 plus
349 Jasar Conference option with waiting roon and adm permissions 218 plus
350 mike can not enter any other language besides English in all menus. 217 plus
351 PieterC The update window automatically shows up which is fine but it does not mention anything that it belongs to MicroSIP. Enhancement proposal: add the product name "MicroSIP" to the window that asks do you want to update. 217 plus
352 Alex Westphal Hotkeys for switching Tabs in Microsip. Alternatively CTRL+Tab and CTRL+Shift+Tab for changing the tabs. Also a Shortcut to access Help and menues. 216 plus
353 Raivo Google Contacts integration to the Contacts. 214 plus
354 dodo Accept server-side auto-answer (SIP header: Call-Info:\;answer-after=0) 212 plus
355 markQ Ship with TAPI driver to initiate calls from TAPI aware applications. Perhaps use elements of the SIPTAPI open source component. 210 plus
356 Vladimir Add account of a phone uri, so it passes phone number via uri to initiate phone call on phone. 209 plus
357 Kristian Dial tones are unbearably loud on my headset. It requires a feature to switch them off. 205 plus
358 epsilum Thank you for the program. Please make separate contacts for each SIP account. 202 plus
359 Ken Ability to answer calls using button on Bluetooth headset 201 plus
360 Jürgen i want to deactivate the sound, when i dial. receipt tone phone must be able to cancel. 200 plus
361 Joschi A discreet cool looking dark theme!!! 200 plus
362 Nacho Option to use only one line so a second call dont disturb. 199 plus
363 Marcelo Make log file xml or json 199 plus
364 Carlo Very simple: show telefon numbers next to names in the contact window 197 plus
365 Pedro Disconnect calls once when the other side disconnects first (they go on living) 197 plus
366 Aubry Protect the account menu and settings menu with a login and password. Thanks 196 plus
367 Alan Windows prompt "Do you want to update" should identify itself as being from MicroSIP. The 1st few times I saw it I replied no as I had no idea what program was being updated; even thought I might have a virus. BTW, great program - many thanks :) 195 plus
368 Henning Am I too dumb to use this, or can someone show me where the hangup button is? (Windows 10) 189 plus
369 Silmor Senedlen Any contacts or tracker for sending bug reports? 187 plus
370 Voip-Chickwn Google Contacts integration would be a very important extension for me. A lot of people are searching for a good SIP client with Google contacts integrated. Not even Bria can do that. 187 plus
371 Aldo An option to put the program in foreground when receiving a call (ringing). Currently if you have it in the tray, when ringing you hear the sound and have to minimaze everything to find the app and answer. 175 plus
372 Ralph Nothing, good Soft !! Works great with Linux and WINE 165 plus
373 Leon Betamax internal outgoing call,working with userid for users logged with sip,not working with users using voipconnect,no issues with other sip software.incoming call received properly from any type of user 161 plus
374 Tomasz Add Emergency Call support according to NG911 standard 158 plus
375 Leon For BetaMax users(more than 100 providers)need a caller ID (phone number,associated by provider with the user and this is a case) different from the user id because it is impacting price plan.Work with other SIP soft not with micosip 156 plus
376 Ben Please include program name MicroSip in title of update-available-dialog. Each time I think of beeing hacked, because of that anonym dialog popping out of somewhere, without reference. 144 plus
377 Harold Auto-Answer Server Side Dont hear Initial Beep (at Ring) 135 plus
378 ALISSON RODRIGUES support IPv6 and essential, in today's times. I even helped $$$ in the project. 133 plus
379 Saul Open a browser when get a sip package with URL sent by the server (like asterisk) to work with a CTI app. Thanks 132 plus
380 yangyang Hello! Can you purchase a SIP account here? 您好!请问您这里可以直接购买SIP账号吗? 128 plus
381 VoipChicken Multiple SIP Accounts Simultaneously and Different Ringtones per Account 128 plus
382 newuser Funktion to enable/disable CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction). 122 plus
383 Lynda if I move my mouse over the keypad it automatically minimises or becomes transparent so I can see what is behind the app 118 plus
384 Daniel I notice that microsip currently installs as a standard (non-Administrator) to the user's roaming folder. Is it possible to create an option, in the future, to install for all users in the program files folder (assuming I have Admin access)? 112 plus
385 Manu Just to thank you for this clever application... ...I wish you all the best ! Yep, I guess that's not the right section, anyway... ;-) 106 plus
386 VoipChicken Synchronize with Google Contacts 106 plus
387 olegarch Add ENUMER lookup before regular call. See details: http://enumer.org 105 plus
388 Lucas Hüttenrauch Option that allows to display only caller id without any buttons on incoming call. 104 plus
389 arjun if call goes more than 2 minute it automatically disconnect the call and the session log out the same time 104 plus
390 Chris Better audio codecs, current ones sound terrible except LPCM of course, be able to adjust audio bitrate, and add stereo opus and or stereo mp3 100 plus
391 Flux Update Help section 97 plus
392 Davi include press enter to acept call 96 plus
393 Ulf Westman The ability to only receive msg/chatt, no calls 96 plus
394 Heerings.net Call a phone number from the clipboard with a self-selected key combination. Example Alt-B End the conversation with, for example, the key combination CTRL-ALT-B 94 plus
395 Nick Disable or hide display password option to avoid end user see the password 88 plus
396 Mike Adding T.140 (Real Time Text) would sure help with some testing. 87 plus
397 renato.cezar I would like you to deploy key shortcuts and setup the answer with [ENTER] key. 86 plus
398 komr Wish List, organize and convert to tree structure. Example: User interfaces, SIP function, Config function, and so on... (500 record unknown) 83 plus
399 Eugene Compatibility with Windows OS versions, iOS devices App and Android app devices 81 plus
400 Ted Some indicator(s) that phonenumber is registrated or not. For me is this useful because I use Micosip on PC via wifi + 3G network. 79 plus
401 Julian Show the phone number in the contact tab, maybe optional when choosen from a contextmenu. 73 plus
402 aghilpadash Hi, I suggest that you can add different lines for outgoing and incoming calls, such as eyebeam , bria5 , zoiper has the ability to call 6 different lines, which can be silent on the first call and Second line have another call 72 plus
403 Ramashka Please add hotkeys for minimize to tray, restore from tray, activate app (bring to front), end call, fast call (small modal window with field for tel number and call button). 68 plus
404 guy import contacts from a xls file (excel) , or create a template for csv. 68 plus
405 Manu Sound is too low. Increase the audio volume and will be the best softphone ever. Increase volume is an easy task for you, you can do it now, let me know when ready. 67 plus
406 9rad email notifications for missed calls! PS THX FOR GREAT PROGRAM =) 67 plus
407 Ulf Westman Abilty to have a photo in my profile (and in contacts) 67 plus
408 seanchann support 3xx with register and invite 66 plus
409 alex we nwwd video call recording, add plz, if possible 65 plus
410 Saugort Chnage via settings ANI/CallerID sent when work without VoIP provider / SIP server. Currently, it send Anonymous as ANI. 65 plus
411 wesley Add the ability to hide the dial pad. Sometimes only speed dial buttons are needed. 63 plus
412 Ulf Westman Ability to see if contacs are able to receive msg. and/or if they are using MicroSIP. 63 plus
413 Ulf Westman Opportunity to translate "Ready/Unavailable/?" in the Contact-list 62 plus
414 Oleg Clear instructions for compiling from source. 59 plus
415 anuprasad detailed logging option for SIP, TLS with keys etc. Pcap option. 58 plus
416 Jason Register to multiple SIP servers on a single account for redundancy. This would be needed to work in Genesys PureCloud and PureConnect environments. 58 plus
417 fILIPPO I would like to have cryptated password and can't be seen. 57 plus
418 Ben Please include program name in title of "Update available" dialog box. The situation right now lets me think I am hacked somehow, just to remember some seconds later, that it might be MicroSip the dialog belongs to. The first time I had quite a hard time 57 plus
419 VictorL Support "Imaging devices" type digital camera like "USB Video Device" 56 plus
420 Karl Ability to record and save calls 55 plus
421 XP Video call on XP sp3(I guess you received all my crash,thanks) 53 plus
422 Mcsim Reduce music volume during call (like Skype) 53 plus
423 FK Add "MicroSip" to dialog "Update now"!! 52 plus
424 Luke Need BFCP support for video conference. 51 plus
425 Julio When you close Microsip and try to reopen it, it does not work on the W10. We always need to reinstall to use, even in the latest version 3.19.8. 49 plus
426 Auto Answer - Hangup When using auto answer, after the call if the operator is using the keypad and pressing enter or space the call is disconnected because the terminate call dialog box is selected causing call termination, it would be interesting to remove this function to 47 plus
427 anuprasad kummali DTMF inband only selection sends out SDP payload 101. Please fix this. 47 plus
428 Luna I want the option in the interface to listen to the last recording. 46 plus
429 Pavel REST automation support to integrate with other apps. Being concrete: "automation" menu where I can set to open the link if something happens - example, open http:*ip*/findcustomer/bymobile/*number* on call established 45 plus
430 Lukas I am asking for adding in help how to use eg "cmd Incoming Call". Examples would be very useful. 45 plus
431 nacholibre Allow to change interval for user to become away, allow to execute commands on away and when user is active again. 44 plus
432 netaskd [bug] Please fix crypto lines in SDP. Now it looks like: a=crypto:1 AES_256_CM_HMAC_SHA1_80 a=crypto:2 AES_256_CM_HMAC_SHA1_32 but must be: a=crypto:1 AES_CM_256_HMAC_SHA1_80 a=crypto:2 AES_CM_256_HMAC_SHA1_32 44 plus
433 Victor Pls, add resize the forward call windows. We have a long names in adressbook and they don't fit in the window. Many thanks! 44 plus
434 darma hold unhold Command line or api control.. please 42 plus
435 Mateo Gamba Cordial saludo INSPIRA research cuenta con el programa micro SIP, obtenida por ustedes. Nos gustaria contar con un instructivo de uso y manejo. Ya que estamos en proceso de certificación de la calidad. 38 plus
436 BB Good afternoon. Prompt we load the catalog User URL (with http: //) of the XML file containing the list of contacts. How to get it updated every 10 minutes? The help is not entirely clear: "To specify the refresh rate, use the header" Cache-Control: max- 38 plus
437 BB Good afternoon. Prompt we load the catalog User URL (with http: //) of the XML file containing the list of contacts. How to get it updated every 10 minutes?Can you explain by example? 36 plus
438 Aesoft Please please please more shortcuts! With 40 shortcuts MicroSip would be the perfect softphone alternative for a Central Answering Position or Receptionist station. (And thank you for your great work so far!) 34 plus
439 B14CK_H4WK Emojio's in Chat 33 plus
440 Nizar Dial by directory don't have the facility to select Letters in Dial pad 33 plus
441 alex is it possible to make many SIP accounts avaible (online) in one time. now we need to change active account, and others are offline. THKs 32 plus
442 depape wish: 1/ : nr 2 : multiple sip accounts; 2/ : android version 32 plus
443 Nizar This 3.19 latest version not have an Char + numeric keypad, unable to use dial by directory features. 30 plus
444 Ralf Remove Shortcut from 'Exit'-Menu Item Some time between version 3.12 and 3.19 the shortcut for 'Exit' was changed from 'Ctrl+X' to 'Ctrl+Q' On DE-keyboards (and maybe other international keyboard layouts) the '@' is placed on the 'Q' key (Alt-Gr), that' 29 plus
445 Langunity can you add a holding pattern? (google translated) 29 plus
446 chavdar Reduce latency of incoming audio. If the program is to have lower latency it could be very practical for hamradio purposes (remote operation) 28 plus
447 David it would be nice if the software would somehow return the state of the call as for example: answered, busy, rejected, call time, non-existent number and others. could be by a log file or something like that. :) 27 plus
448 Caleb Ability to disable missed call (icon change and force to logs tab) Some users use it only to make outgoing calls and don't want the alert. 26 plus
449 andrew call recording please 26 plus
450 Evgeny Add some version information (eg: in the menu before "exit") 25 plus
451 Fabrizio Mereu Please, make it possible to make attended transfer. A blind transfer is not useful for anybody. 25 plus
452 scrumble Use system-defined DNS servers for DNS-SRV lookup, not a or 23 plus
453 Alexis Handle Plantronics Headset Key to Aswer : https://developer.plantronics.com/softphone-integration-hub-sdks 23 plus
454 James Add a way to remove accounts from the GUI Allow multiple concurrent account registrations with order of precedence for outbound dialing. 22 plus
455 Evgeny Rebuild the settings window - does not fit in height on the laptop screen (1366x768) 21 plus
456 Gabrio M. I'm using the version 3.19.10. It is possible to change icon color to yellow or another color when a contact is "on the phone"? I don't see any change at the moment. Thanks!!! 21 plus
457 depape field : where are the eventual different accounts or 1 account; just to deactivate or activate. (is very important; as i use sipphone normally on my cell phone, and when at home; i use your microsip ; and when leaving office, is must have simple way to 20 plus
458 Paul451 A way to lookup the version number from within the MicroSIP ui. 19 plus
459 tom 3.19 is buggy. Status in "contacts window" no longer flashes when there is an incoming call, and does not change when an operator is on the phone. We have reverted to 3.18.5 awaiting fix 19 plus
460 Andrey Good day. I use the latest version of Mikrosip client and I want to configure so that during a call, incoming calls are discarded. But there is no information anywhere about this. In Settings - Single call mode is enabled. When I try to set the MaxC 19 plus
461 RAMÓN option to disable on top window when incoming call 17 plus
462 Aurélien How to enabled multi calls ? It's seams that option has disappeared... 17 plus
463 Andreas After a individual set time normaly windows is locked. It would be great, if an incoming call could be shown and activated on the win10-lockscreen without log-in. Using the multimedia function on a keyboard will be wonderful. 15 plus
464 robo time control for DND, i. e. DND 11:00 pm - 7:30 am 15 plus
465 calway Switch to remove the voicemail button if not used. Recording, DND AA buttons can be removed but this button seems fixed. 14 plus
466 Daniel Sync. Contacts with CardDav-Server for excample Synology NAS CardDAV, or import/sync FritzBox adressbook. 14 plus
467 Carlo Very easy and useful: Display Name AND NUMBER in contacts window. 11 plus
468 Rafal Support for Asterisk SRTP ciphers AES_256_CM_HMAC_SHA1_80 and AES_256_CM_HMAC_SHA1_32 10 plus
469 Pedro Add call transfer and conferencing to the simple interface 10 plus
470 akmanag Add 64-bit build executables 10 plus
471 Ich Wake up PC from Standbye if call is coming. 4 plus
472 Jim Allow option of adding 9, to any number automatically. Really allow adding any prefix to be added to a number before dialing. 1 plus
473 Jeffrey sometimes it rings only 5 seconds after we call this softphone 1 plus
474 jeffrey when the connexion is cut then back, it makes long time to get back on line (bad getway) 1 plus
475 Marco DNS SRV resolution for SIP domain 5494 done
476 Pietro DTMF using SIP INFO method 4040 done
477 Beat We. Contacts: Vertical Scrollbar (instead of horizontal bar) 3680 done
478 Beat We. Separate contacts.ini or contacts.xml file 2582 done
479 tester a few functions like: redial, conference, do not disturb, call waiting, forwarding... etc. 2144 done
480 oondraa option to load google contacts 1779 done
481 Dan Opus codec support 1661 done
482 tester volumen bar to up/down and Mute the sound of speaker and microphone when we are in conversation 1346 done
483 Khoa Pham Conference call 1317 done
484 Chris Cox Option to register with Windows as default handler for RFC3966 href="tel:" links. 918 done
485 frank MWI voice mail feature support.and maybe video mail in the feature. 850 done
486 Pilou42 Encrypt password. No password at all should appear in plain text, neither in GUI settings or .ini file. 777 done
487 Guillaume There should be a very visible "you have voicemail" indicator. 751 done
488 Rachel Direct P2P calls ; IP to IP calls ; In case there is a server outage etc. http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Documentation#Calling_IP_to_IP_directly ; http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Peer_to_Peer 744 done
489 Iron run extern script or aplication on answer and send callerID to the script
727 done
490 KJ Conferencing 726 done
491 misus accelerated video decoding DXVA for both vga cards Nvidia & ATI 718 done
492 noname Support (if installed) for an option to associate MicroSIP with sip: hyper-links - 'Click to Call'. 692 done
493 marduk make resizable windows and add minimize, maximize and restore buttons (all windows, chat, video, contacts...), do normal windows please 654 done
494 Giuseppe Hold button in Single Call Mode 648 done
495 Simon Handle URIs so can click on SIP:xxx links to initiate dialling. 586 done
496 Jonathan Fuentes I would love it if you added a Mute Mic button. 578 done
497 Jay Ability to use dialpad when in a call (i.e. navigating IVR) 563 done
498 Shaun Setting in account to make registration optional (i.e. use only for outbound calls). Some providers only allow 1 client to be connected via SIP. So useful to have hard phone registered for in/out and soft phones on PC's set to out only.
For this leave SIP server field empty.
554 done
499 Yann Resising of the main window. The main window cannot be resised For example when in "calls" menu you need to use the slider whereas there is plenty of space on my PC screen ;) Alternative solution would be to make it larger so the list in contact would 543 done
500 x-link Current call duration counter(Digital clock) is essential. 542 done
501 Denis Do not record position and size of the window changes in a .ini file at the time of the change. This gives a great load on the disk and slows down the rendering. Save settings on close/minimize the application.
This problem was fixed. Let us know if problem still exists.
542 done
502 Cory Call History, including date/time for received, outgoing, and missed calls. 529 done
503 Roberto The contact list could show who is busy
MicroSIP supports this. Configure your SIP server.
529 done
504 Alex --> bigger window PS: I can't end a call
This happend when account configured incorrectly.
526 done
505 salaros MicroSIP is not integrated with Windows 7/8 taskbar. It's not possible to restore a minimized instance by clicking on a pinned MicroSIP icon. When you finally restore it from the tray icon a new non-pinable icon appears (total: 2 icons). 518 done
506 Yann Ringing on an other audio device: When you are away from your desk (like in the other room) you can t hear the ring coming out of your headset. Therefore I have a second audio output I could use to have the ring of the phone. (xlite does offer such poss 516 done
507 Shafiq the close button must minimize to tray. and minimize button must minimize on task bar. 508 done
508 James Add version number (and Publisher) information to the windows installer config. See here: http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/5778/microsip.png 503 done
509 Dmitry additional to CmdIncomingCall, add CmdAnswerCall and CmdDisconnectCall
502 done
510 bruno Store the settings into the profiles of the user, so it become available when using roaming profiles
494 done
511 LWC Speakerphone! That is, a speakerphone button that would use a different sound device than the regular one (i.e. headphones). Just like Nonoh's client has: http://img263.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=23909_nonoh_122_509lo.jpg 477 done
512 Knut Please add G.711 μ-law and G.711 A-law. They are preferred by many VoIP providers, and without them the call quality is much worse using G.729 or GSM instead as they don't support the high bandwidth codecs.
PCMA and PCMU are the same
468 done
513 bago Use default input/output device if the selected one is not available. Back to the selected as soon as it is available. I use USB headset and they are not always connected (as they are on the docking station) and I have to restart MicroSIP each time. 467 done
514 Dallas a way to transfer calls 465 done
515 Giles X widget - Close to System Tray (does not exit program), to exit program use right click system tray icon. (I often shutdown MicroSIP by mistake, but I want it running all the time). 446 done
516 Knut Selected "Ring device" should perhaps apply only to incoming calls? Unnecessary for PC speakers to play sound when I call out with headphones, especially in an office environment. 446 done
517 Guy Provide means of clearing the dialled numbers list, everything or individual entries 445 done
518 Alex To have the PAUSE button when calling external gateways. Like Nokia phones if you know them... Cheers, great product!! 440 done
519 Christian Ignore incoming calls: Instead of 'declining' calls (which might be considered rude), just ignore them. Mute the ringing and wait until the caller hangs up by himself. 427 done
520 H Br Attended call transfer. At present only blind transfer is supported. Thanks! 424 done
521 Paul Don't crash a virgin media router when attempting to make a call. Consistent bug with microsip or the modem - but other soft phones work fine :( 409 done
522 Igor Lately with cheapvoipinc not working anymore. Possible the timeout is too short. Would be nice if would be adjustable. 388 done
523 WGRichie01 first off I love this application the small footprint is great would love to be able to have 2 extensions from the same PBX connection, I currently provide helpdesk support also and find I have to use 2 applications or manually switch resetting the login 386 done
524 Aliby Attended Transfer: Many hosted SIP protocols will not support Blind Transfer as there is a handover event that most softphones see as an answer on the tranfer line and then drops the call. 385 done
525 Lars A option to completly disable the video feature so those video popup windows dont appear everytime a call is recived. 363 done
526 Admin video calls 358 done
527 Guillaume Option to have the window minimize normally. I have the program pin to my taskbar with windows 7, but when the window minimize, it goes only to the task icon and clicking on the taskbar starts a second conflicting instance. 356 done
528 YAGrand Hello. When an incoming call, the pop-up window not shows the name and number of the caller. Even if the caller is in the contact list. Thank you for MicroSip PS Russian language. 323 done
529 jaime option to transfer the call to another SIP user inside the same Domain 302 done
530 Alex I am blind and so I am a screenreader user. When I launch Microsip it starts with the three main tabs, there is no way to get into the window, where I can find the call edit field and the keys for sending DTMF. I'd like to have the ability to klick on the 294 done
531 Nuri UTF-8 support in messages. 266 done
532 Greg Allow program to handle CALLTO and TEL protocol in browsers. 258 done
533 tester option to enable/disable "dump activity log file", in order to save cpu use and disk accesses 246 done
534 Urlich Missed calls log 236 done
535 Bago Display contact names in the call log tab, for registered contacts, not their numbers. 222 done
536 saravak Command switches to start it from a script and call a number!
Usage: "microsip.exe number"
206 done
537 JGR Option to select audio hardware for input/output 197 done
538 Dink Chrome extension/handler for tel: and sip: (Click to call) 194 done
539 RE: Rachel Direct P2P calls ; See Ring (was SFLphone); P2P calls by IP or OpenDHT http://ring.cx/en/news#at-the-heart-of-ring-opendht-a-distributed-hash-table 191 done
540 Javier Chacon Voice Mail Message Indicator Lamp. Nick Name: MWI It is possible created this indicator, Thank You 181 done
541 tester on incoming calls it rings only 1 time, please keep ringing continuously until call is answered 161 done
542 Steve Option for enabling / prioritizing voice codec ? Currently, I am trying to make calls to a polycom phone which supports HD voice. If the Polycom originates the call, 722 is selected. If Microcosip initiates the call, PCM-uLaw is selected. The SDP conta 147 done
543 Vartan Separate buttons for 'End' and 'Call'. Currently if you are about to press 'End' and the other party hangs up, your 'End' button becomes 'Call' and you end up ringing them again. 144 done
544 Mark hold feature 141 done
545 Mark transfer call feature 133 done
546 Rus2lan Not direct transfer, but allow make call and speak with other number before transfer. Like Number A Hold->Call to B, Speak, hangup-> Number A speak with number B. 133 done
547 Jorg I am really looking for an option to do a warm transfer. So i can speak to the party first before i transfer the line. 92 done
548 Michele Trying to report an issue but there is no MX record for microsip.org. Thanks!
MX are not mandatory. As per RFC2821, if no MX is found the A record will be used.
82 done
549 microsip4ever ringing on different audio device and/or ringing on pc speaker. bloatware x-lite for example can ring on pc speaker under xp. 64 done
550 Luke Choose local port instead of "5060" default. Like in version 3.10.5 48 done
551 TLS support Please integrate TLS support like CSipSimple 35 done
552 Admin instant messaging 27 done
553 tester information about codecs and bandwidth in use, for example: "in:G711-64k _ out:GSM-13k" in a status bar, or title bar 23 done
554 Pieter DTMF tones while dialling (for wading though call centre menus) 22 done
555 Knut Set bitrate for and fine tune video. I've tested h.264 between 2 microsip clients and compared it with 2 Express Talk clients which uses h.263, and Express Talk's video has far better quality over the same lines. 21 done
556 Afshin sip proxy 14 done
557 Pieter The ability to edit contacts, rather than just add or delete 12 done
558 Pieter It would be nice to be able to choose your own sounds from MP3 or WAV 9 done
559 Steve option for putting it into an "AUTO-ANSWER" mode 7 done
560 Knut In the current version one must use the mouse to use the dialpad. It would be nice to be able to dial with the numeric keys on the computer keyboard. 4 done
561 JT Configuration of outgoing port other than 5060 - or at least use another one when the 5060 is occupied by another application (like the Windows Communicator). 2 done
562 Guyaume B. Parenteau Automatically removed dash when we enter phone number :) 2 done
563 Vineet call without a regsitar or proxy i.e. only endpoints 1 done
564 Victor Choose IP address to bind to (and use in SIP messages). 1 done
565 w2k Compatible with previous OS, such as windows2000, win98. 706 declined
566 RE: Nito Please look: """ Able to have multiple plataform windowsmobile, iphone, android, blackberry """ You can search for Zoiper or Linphone too 657 declined
567 Nito An iOS, WP7.5 - 8, and Android App. 626 declined
568 amix ActiveX component (scriptable via Windows Script Host). Could place call from other app, could execute programs on local side when called, etc. 510 declined
569 noezmeg Symbian apps would be great to support a platform independent. 496 declined
570 Chris SIP SDK for Windows phone 8/8.1 would be greatly appreciated especially if it is simple and easy to use with the same functionality of this program. 334 declined
571 Mateus Linux version
144 declined
572 Matthew Remove the requirement to input domain name. Older version only registered when the domain name was left blank. New version always gets registration timeout (with sip2sip.info) 26 declined

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